In Punjab, At least six people killed in smog-related incidents


LAHORE: At least six people have been killed and 37 injured in incidents resulting from heavy smog in several cities across Punjab, Geo News learnt Friday.

Five people were killed in Kamonki after a passenger van collided with a bus on Friday. The incident left another nine wounded.

A man was killed and five others were injured in a truck-bus collision on the motorway near Jalalpur Bhattian.

A passenger van crashed into a truck in Sheikhupura, leaving 15 people injured. All the wounded belonged to the same family.

In Lahore, four people were brought to hospital, who were injured in a car crash.

Four others were hurt after an oil tanker ran over a motorbike before bumping into a truck in Arifwala.

Health issues

The thick fog blanketing large parts of the province has disrupted routine life by causing adverse effects on citizens’ health.

Many people have been forced to stay indoors, especially the elderly citizens, as they face difficulty in breathing, skin and eye irritation, and coughing problem.

Flight disruption

The dense haze caused disruption of three international flights, which were en route to Faisalabad. The flights were diverted to Lahore because of less visibility.

The smog has also been triggering closure of multiple sections of the motorway, primarily during nighttime.

According to motorway authorities, the visibility has dropped down to only 25-50 metres at various places from Lahore to Bhera.

Officials have advised citizens to be careful while driving on highways and motorway, and strongly recommended use of fog lamps.

Visibility in different Punjab cities, according to the Met Office:

Jhang 10 metres

Faisalabad 30 metres

Multan 50 metres

Sahiwal 200 metres

Lahore 300 metres

Khanpur, Nurpur Thal 500 metres



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