Punjab CM assures foolproof security for Zimbabwe tour


LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister M Shahbaz Sharif has assured foolproof security to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the upcoming Zimbabwe tour.
In a meeting with PCB chairman Shaharyar M Khan here on Wednesday, Shahbaz discussed matters regarding promotion of cricket and the tour of Zimbabwe cricket team to Pakistan with the PCB chief.
Speaking on the occasion, Shahbaz said that the tour of Zimbabwe team to Pakistan would be very important with regard to revival of international cricket in Pakistan and it was hoped that cricket teams of other countries would also come to play in the country.
The chief minister said that the efforts made by the PCB for arranging tours of cricket teams of different countries to Pakistan were laudable and Punjab government was ready to extend all possible cooperation in this regard. “Punjab government will take all possible steps for providing best security cover and environment so that foreign cricket teams may play in a peaceful atmosphere.”
He said that foolproof security arrangements would be made for international cricket teams. “There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and cricket talent leads all the other sports. By grooming the young and promising talent and providing them high-level facilities, we can revive our declining status of cricket.”
Shahbaz said that Punjab government had constructed new grounds in the province and a comprehensive programme was being implemented for the promotion of cricket and other sports. “Pakistani youth is very talented and they have earned laurels for the country on a number of occasions. However, there is need for a comprehensive planning for the promotion of cricket at the lower level for polishing this talent.”
“Sports are essential for setting up a healthy society and besides promotion of discipline, sports also play an effective role in reducing tension,” he added.
The chief minister said that negative activities could be curbed by promoting cricket and other sports. “All-out facilities will continue to be provided for the promotion of cricket and other sports.”
PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said that the Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif was extending all-out cooperation for the promotion of cricket that was good omen for the country’s cricket. “If the Punjab CM continues his sincere support to the PCB, the time is not far when international teams will start visiting the country on regular basis and Pakistan cricket will regain its lost status.” The PCB chief also lauded Shahbaz Sharif for ensuring foolproof security for the visiting Zimbabwe team and hoped that his supervision and good presence during the international matches would surely make difference and motivate and encourage the Pakistani cricketers.




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