Punish those who still love Pakistan: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina


The president of the ruling party in Bangladesh was of the opinion that the assassination of founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975 had affected the people in the country greatly.

Hasina termed rival Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) founder Ziaur Rehman and wife Khaleda Zia ‘lovers of Pakistan’, saying the duo had grabbed power in the country after the killing of Sheikh Mujeeb.

Hasina scoffed at Zia, noting that the entire history of the country changed after 1975 as BNP made an effort to make people forget the events of 1971, which was evidence of their love for Pakistan.

Hasina stated that party which came into power after the assassination of Mujeeb did not work for the people.

“They did not want the country to progress. They were implementing the agenda of the Pakistani forces,” she alleged.

“Pakistan would be happy if Bangladesh became a failed state and they (Bangladeshi rulers after 1975) wanted to make Pakistan happy,” she added.

Hasina also mentioned HM Ershad, who came to power after Ziaur Rahman, in her speech. Ershad, the chief of a key ally of the Awami League, now serves as a special envoy of the prime minister.


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