Public fumes with indignation regarding oil value climb


LAHORE: because the government raised the per litre price of petrol by a whopping Rs5.40, which came on the heel of the last two increases, all segments of society on Thursday reacted sharply, saying it [as always]would have a multiplier effect, contributing to inflation and making lives miserable for commoners.

The Punjab chapter of the Petroleum Dealers Association of Pakistan was first to cry foul, even before the govt announced the risewithin the morning, its general-secretary Jehanzaib Malik, during a press statement said that expecting an increase, the oil marketing companies (OMC) had squeezed supplies up to 90 per cent within the last four days, creating a crisis for stations.

“They [OMCs] roll in the hay regularly – on 15th and 30th of each month – especially if they expect an increase,” he said lecture Dawn.

For the last four days, supplies were reduced to a minimum. What if these companies do during lately leading up to extend at price, they build up stocks, fill the availability chain and flood the market once the price increases. the type of cash they create is often judged from the very fact that the town has around 350 stations, with a mean of sale of 15,000 litres. Each station would roughly yield an additional Rs80,000. Multiply it with 350 and it involves around Rs280 million each day, he rues, claiming: “One would see oil carrying vehicles making beelines at each station to fill its tanks and mint money.”

“Oil moves the entire society, its commerce and trade. Expect freight charges rising within the next few hours and therefore the entire cost passed on to the commodities (fruits, vegetables and milk etc.) that are transported to city on a day to day,” says Muhammad Ramzan, a fruit trader within the city main market.

“The truckers don’t make a formal announcement of increased fares, they simply and quietly increase them and other people realise when prices of daily commodities jump. within the next 24 hours, the price of vegetables and fruits would surely go up. How much? it might depend on what proportion truckers exploit the hike in diesel price (Rs2.54 per litre),” he says.

Agriculturists are equally furious. “How can a farmer plan his investment (running of vehicles, farm machinery and tube wells) on crops if he has got to face multiple increases in diesel rate?” laments Pervaiz Hassan, a farmer from Arifwala.

The entire conveyance runs on diesel, and people using it are enraged. “The transporters would definitely hike fares double than what the present increase in diesel price justifies,” says Kausar – a house help worker who commutes daily from Walton to Waris Road.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan People’s Party condemned the rise in petroleum prices, saying the governments around the world facilitate their citizens, especially before a spiritual festival. In Pakistan, the PTI is punishing people before Eidul Azha.

Deputy secretary information Munawar Anjum during a statement said during the last three years of its rule, the govt had done nothing but to inflict high inflation on the people.

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