PSL final: Sangkkara departs after blazing fifty


Sangkkara’s classy knock included this beautiful six over the covers

4 minutes ago

14.5: Russell to Shehzad. Four! The right-hander brings up his 50 runs.

14.4: Russell to Nawaz. 1 run.

14.3: Russell to Sangakkara. OUT! The left-hander mistimes the shot in an attempt to hit it straight for another maximum. Imran Khalid takes the opportunity this time.

14.2: Russell to Sangakkara. Sloppy fielding gets Gladiators two runs.

14.1: Russell to Shehzad. Guided towards third-man for one run.

11 minutes ago

117/2 in 14 overs

13.6: Sangakkara brings up his fifty with a huge Six!

13.5: Smith to Sangakkara. No run

13.4: Sangakkara smashes it beautifully for Four!

13.3: Smith to Shehzad,flicked through leg-side for one.

13.2: Smith to Sangakkara. Pulls it for a run.

13.1: Dwayne Smith to Sangakkara. Four!

16 minutes ago

101/2 in 13 overs

12.6: Sami to Shehzad, No run

12.5: Sami to Shehzad: Pulled it stylishly for 2 runs.

12.4: Sami to Sangakkara. Quick single.

12.3: Sami to Ahmed Shehzad. No run

12.2: Sami to Sangakkara. 1 run

12.1: Sami to Sangakkara. Six! Lofted towards off-side for a big one!

23 minutes ago

90/2 in 12 overs

11.6: Sangakkara takes a single.

11.5: Sangakkara down the wicket and absolutely smashes it for another boundary.

11.4: Khalid to Shehzad. 1 run

11.3: Khalid to Sangakkara. Chipped over the bowlers head for a single.

11.2: Khalid to Sangakkara. Beautifully hit through on-side for a Four!

11.1: Imran Khalid to Shehzad, 1 run.

28 minutes ago

78/2 in 11 overs

10.6: Irfan to Sangakkara. Huge in-swing. Beats the batsman and the keeper. It’s four runs!

10.5: Irfan to Sangakkara, slower ball. No run.

10.4: Irfan to Shehzad, lifted high up in the air and Imran Khalid drops it!

10.3: Irfan to Shehzad, Plays it defensively. No run

10.2: Irfan to Shehzad, Pulled sweetly over midwicket for Four!

10.1: Irfan to Sangakkara. 1 run

30 minutes ago


9.6: Two in a row. Shehzad finishes the over with a boundary!

9.5: Shehzad gloves a wide delivery behind for Four!

9.4: Khalid to Sangakkara, 1 run

9.3: Shehzad gets one

9.2: Another dot ball.

9.1: Khalid to Shehzad, No run

37 minutes ago


8.6: Sangakkara gets two.

8.5: No run

8.4: Badree to Sangakkara. No run.

8.3: Shahzad cuts it for a quick single.

8.2: Badree to Shehzad. Forward defensive. No run.

8.1: Smart late cut by Shehzad! Four!

38 minutes ago


7.6: Sangakkara beautifully cuts it through off. Four!

7.5: Shehzad plays it through off for a single.

7.4: An ugly short ball. Russell hits Sangakkara on the helmet. Edged behind for a single though.

7.3: Yorker by Russell. Sangakkara defends. No run.

7.2: Russel to Sangakkara. No run.

7.1: Russell to Shehzad. Gets a single on the off-side.

42 minutes ago

6.6: Badree to Sangakkara. Dot!

6.5: Sangakkara cuts! Misfielded. And it’s another four.

6.4: Shehzad takes a single

6.3: Sangakkara plays it towards mid-off for one.

6.2: Badree to Shehzad. Played towards leg-side for a single.

6.1: Badree to Sangakkara. Guided behind for one.

42 minutes ago

Asif Ali pulls off stunner to end KP’s innings

about an hour ago


5.5: Russell balls it short. Sangakkara pulls for one.

5.4: Shehzad plays it towards off for a single.

5.3: Russell to Shehzad. Dot ball.

5.2: Russell to Sangakkara. Quick single

5.1: Russell strikes! Pietersen lifts it towards leg and Asif Ali takes a stunning catch.

about an hour ago

Irfan steams in, KP sends it deep into the stands

about an hour ago

4.6: Driven on the up towards off-side by Pietersen for one

4.5: Pietersen tries to heave it over mid-on. Poor timing gets him just two more.

4.4: On the pads again. KP times it well towards leg for another couple.

4.3: Full on the pads, Shehzad plays it through the on-side for one.

4.2: Flicked towards leg. Pietersen steals a quick single.

4.1: Sami to KP, short and wide on off. Pietersen misses out. Dot.

about an hour ago

Did Bismillah nick it?

about an hour ago

3.6: Shehzad hits it big again! Straight blow for another four!

3.5: Shehzad plays it for a single

3.4: Shehzad hits it sweetly through the offside but a great fielding effort by Sharjeel avoids a possible boundary

3.3: Sloppy fielding by Russell. Shehzad gets two.

3.2: Shehzad comes down the wicket and plays it straight for Four!

3.1: Badree to Shehzad, defended.

about an hour ago

Players line up for Pakistan’s national anthem

about an hour ago

2.6: Short, Pietersen pulls it towards leg for a couple

2.5: Another dot

2.4: Pietersen defends

2.3: Irfan to KP, no run

2.2: Pietersen hits it huge. First six of the PSL final

2.1: Irfan to Shehzad, one run

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