Propaganda against China


A renowned cleric and leader of a religious organization based in Pakistan, was approached by a preacher who discussed with him a plan. The plan was to initiate “Jihad” against China. The preacher assured him every kind of support including arms and funding. The plan was however turned down by the cleric but in a few days he was named among “Global Terrorists” list by the United States.

A recent wave of propaganda against China is also underway mostly by Indian Media claiming that Muslims of China are not being treated appropriately and they are struggling for freedom from China which is absolutely not the case. Muslims in china are living there since centuries and they never faced any kind of religious violence or persecutions which the Muslims of India are facing. Religious freedom is relished by the Muslims in China and there are no incidents of discrimination and oppression. China offered Pakistani delegations to visit and observe the situation. The Muslims of China are very much happier than the Muslims of India, a country where even Hindus and Christians don’t feel secure.

Fake news such as “Burqa Ban” and “Beard Ban” in China are being planted by Indian Media in order to incite negative sentiments in Pakistan. The only plot behind this propaganda is to create distances between China and Pakistan so that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor meets a bad fate. Economic growth of Pakistan is not being digested by India and some Westerners.

India has aimed all its guns towards CPEC and Indian Media is equally playing its role to sabotage it. Such incidents also highlight the fact that foes of Pakistan are increasing and they do not want Pakistan to prosper. On the other hand it explains how vital the China-Pak economic corridor is for the people of Pakistan and how beneficial it would be for the future generations.

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