Profile of Asmatullah Shaheen; TTP’s Interim Leader


Asmatullah Shaheen

Tehreek-e-Taliban, the proscribed armed group operating out of North Western Pakistan has chosen a leader to represent itself, albeit on interim basis. According to the statement issued from North Waziristan, Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani will lead the militants until Hakimullah successor is selected in the next few days.

Hakimullah Mehsud, the former leader of Tehreek-e-Taliban along with four other militants was struck dead by the missiles fired from the US drones near Afghanistan border on Friday. In turn, TTP has ruled out the possibility of ‘peace dialogue’ with the Government of Pakistan, prompting furious response from the Pakistani government towards Washington.”Every aspect of Pakistan’s cooperation with Washington would be reviewed following Mehsud’s killing”, asserted Mr. Nisar, the Interior Minister.

The leadership vacuum created in the wake of Hakeemullah’s death still lies vacant. The militants are loosely aligned, instead preferring one group over another. Although both of the prime candidates, Khan SaeedSajna aka Khalid Mehsud and SheheryarMehsud belongsto the same tribe; the experience of latter is nil in terms of proxy warfare and is generally disfavored amongstMehsuds. There are reports that Sheheryar is favored by Fazalullah and Omer Khalid Khurasani factions, who frowns upon Sajna peace overtures.

Asmatullah – Brief Profile

Selecting Asmatullah Shaheen to lead Tehreek-e-Taliban at this critical juncture reflects the growing discord within Tehreek-e-Taliban camp. Asmatullah Shaheen is a commander hailing from the Khichi sub tribe of Bhittani, South Waziristan, and is known for his ruthless predisposition towards prisoners.

The battle hardened commander was one of the top deputies of Baitullah Mehsud, and previously fought with Haji Turkestan force (a pro government leader) multiple times. Considered as a potential successor to Baitullah, Asmatullah wasn’t allowed to ascend the leadership mantle, as he hailed from a different tribe.

Asmatullah Shaheen is considered as the lead figure of an attack on the Frontier Corps – MullazaiFort in Tank, South Waziristan. In December 2011, his militants with highly sophisticated weaponry over run the military bastion, killed an officer and kidnapped 23 other soldiers. Although seven soldiers managed to escape from the militants’ custody, the rest of the abductees were brutally tortured and murdered. The horrifically mutilated bodies – sporting 40 bullet holes each and signs of torture – were recovered from North Waziristan subsequently.

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  1. By the sounds of it, the TTP will continue their NaPak cause killing their own for a game played by outsiders. Kambaghto stop and introspect your actions, what you have done thus far and what you intend to do. The mothers left without sons, sisters without protectors, fathers without sons, young brothers without role models.

    Who do you hurt, who do you bomb brothers killing brothers…

    د عبدالباري جهاني يو ښايسته شعر

    زوى :

    دا کنډواله نړۍ پریږدم درڅخه
    موري رخصت راکوه ځم درڅخه
    شپه مي تر حورو رسوم درڅخه
    مورې رخصت راکوه ځم درڅخه
    ځان تر قیامته بيلوم درڅخه
    مورې رخصت راکوه ځم درڅخه
    پرون ملا صاحب کیسې کولې
    پرله پسې یې مسلې کولې
    څه یې د حورو افسانې ویلې
    څه یی د میو د پیالې کولې
    ویل پلټني دي د ښکلو حورو
    تر شیدو سپینو نازولو حورو
    تر بلوړ سپیني وي تر ګل نازکي
    مثال یی نسته د ښاغلو حورو
    هر جنتي ته ور رسیږي حوري
    په شهیدانو به نازیږي حوري
    له میو مستي به زنګیږي حوري
    لکه کوتري به نڅیږی حوري
    هغه نړۍ له نعمتو ډکه ده
    هم له عسلو هم شیدو ډکه ده
    ما په سینه پوري مرګی تړلی
    په قواله مي دی جنت ګټلی

    مور :

    زویه دا کونډه مور دي چاته پریږدې
    هغه رنځوره خور دي چاته پریږدې
    هغه ماشوم ورور به دي مري له لوږي
    دا نړېدلی کور دي چاته پریږدې
    ستا مولوي ساده زلمیان غولوي
    څوک په جنت څوک په ایمان غولوي
    چی تا جنت ته وړي پخپله نه ځي
    موږ غولوي او که خپل ځان غولوي
    ستا امیران دي خپل عیشونه کوي
    د کافرانو عادتونه کوي
    که یی زامن دي او که ځواني لوڼي
    ټول په بهر کی تعلیمونه کوي
    زویه د بل د پاره ځان مه وژنه
    په خپل جومات کی مسلمان مه وژنه
    زړه مورکۍ دي په هجران مه وژنه
    راته له لوږي ماشومان مه وژنه
    ستا امیران زموږ کورونه سوځي
    کلي، بانډې سوځي ښارونه سوځي
    بزګران وژني شنه فصلونه سوځي
    مسلمان وژني جوماتونه سوځي
    وایی پیسې له پاکستانه راوړي
    پخه ډوډۍ له بل دیګدانه راوړي
    که یی راکټ دی که توپک ورسره
    څه له اورس څه له ایرانه راوړي
    که ته د بل په توره جنګ کړې زویه
    که خپل تربور مړ په خدنګ کړې زویه
    ما مي شیدې درته بخښلي نه دي
    که لاس د چا په وینو رنګ کړې زویه
    ما مي شیدې درته بخښلي نه دي
    په شوګیرو مي یې لوی کړی مه ځه
    زویه د خدای روی مي دروړی مه ځه
    ما په پلو قسم درکړی مه ځه
    زویه د خدای روی مي دروړی مه ځه

    A beautiful poem by respected Abdul Bari Jahani


    I abandon this ruined world, I am leaving
    Give me your goodbyes mother, I am leaving
    I have got to reach the houris by tonight, I am leaving
    Give me your goodbyes mother, I am leaving
    I am going to separate myself from you until the Judgement Day
    Give me your goodbyes mother, I am leaving
    Respected maulvi was narrating stories yesterday
    He was explaining religious orders one after another
    For some time he drew fantasies of women in paradise
    He dwelt a little on goblets of wine as well
    He said there are bevies of beautiful houris
    Skins white as milk, protected pampered beauties
    Whiter than snowflakes, they are more tender than flowers
    There is no one like those majestic houris
    The ladies of heaven welcome everyone arriving in paradise
    But they take special pride in the martyrs
    Intoxicated with wine are those beautiful women
    Dance like pigeons do those houris
    That world is full of blessings
    It is full of honey and also full of milk
    I have tied death to my chest
    I have earned certification to go to heaven


    Son, who are you leaving your widowed mother to?
    Who are you leaving your ailing sister to?
    Your young brother will be starving to death
    Who are you leaving this fallen house to?
    Your maulvi deceives simple young men
    Deceives some with faith, some with paradise
    He takes you to heaven but does not go himself
    Wonder if he is misleading us or himself
    Your emirs are living in luxuries
    They act the same as the infidels
    Whether his sons or his blooming daughters
    All are getting education in foreign lands
    Son, kill yourself not for another
    Kill not a Muslim in your own masjid
    Do not kill your ageing mother with loneliness
    Do not kill the children, let me watch them grow
    Your emirs burn our homes
    They burn hamlets, villages and cities
    They kill farmers and burn their crops
    They kill Muslims, they burn their masjids
    It is said they bring the money from Foreigners
    They obtain food from other people’s hearths
    Whether it is the rockets or the guns they hold
    Some come from India, Israel, some from Pakistan and some from Iran
    Son, if you fight with another’s sword
    Son, if you kill your cousin with a white poplar arrow
    I refuse you the blessings of my granted milk
    Son, if you color your hands with someone’s blood
    I refuse you the blessings of my granted milk
    I spent wakeful nights raising you, do not go!
    Son, swear to me by God that you will not go
    Swear by this shawl of mine that you will not go
    Son, swear to me by God that you will not go

    To brothers hear a mother’s cry reflect and change your ways.

  2. Another radical killer from the tribal region…it makes little difference who is in charge of these murderers…the resulting killing of innocent Pakistani citizens will resume…the enemies of democratic Pakistan are revealing themselves through their responses to the elimination of the Former TTP leader…it should be clear to all that the radicals who want a khalifate and sharia to replace the democratically elected government are the true enemies of this sovereign nation…

    • Sorry to say that, if the khalifate and sharia is the main problem then i will accept it without any hasitation, but the problem is something other.
      1.Weapon manufacturing couturies do not want to stop this war.
      2.Pakistan did not accept Israel, thats why America did not accept Pakistan.
      3.Idnia want to take over Pakistan with the help of Russia.

      Pakistan targted due to its geographic location, thats it……

      “PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD” always

      • The Indian government can barely run India. The last thing India needs is 200 million more residents. Nothing would be more catastrophic for India than to take-over Pakistan. By comparison, Western Germany’s take-over of Eastern Germany was simple. India’s best friends are Pakistani politicians and generals, whose pervasive corruption – financial and moral – keeps Pakistanis mired in poverty. Compared with Pakistan, India – which also is deeply damaged by corrupt politicians – seems a success story. It is up to Pakistanis to rid themselves of the corrupt. Then – and only then – will Pakistan prosper

  3. Eddied,

    What is wrong with a Khalifate?

    The khalifah is elected democratically through a Majlis-e-Shura and candidates are put forward and are those who are politically, spiritually capable to lead.

    The Khalifate model was abandoned for nepotism which was a lot like medieval Europe hence the demise of The Islamic empire.

    Why prey do you have different standards of democracy?

    Where is the democracy and representation for the Kashmiris seeking real representation.

    At least we agree that the TTP are a murdering despotic terror group.

  4. I agree with your opinion about the murderous TTP but the last sentence is laughable. Last two elections were rigged to historical proportions, even for Pakistan. Let me make it clear there is no democracy in Pakistan. This land is in need of a true khalifate, not western philosophically based demonocracy.

  5. I hope this gets posted it was sent to the Editor:

    The Great Game Continues: Understanding your opponents move is key to survival

    The American plan is unfolding, after constant requests to bomb TTP hideouts America decides through h own intell to take out Mehsud. There is no tear shed for Mehsud but for anyone assessing the fall out or the next move in The Grand Chessboard that is Afghanistan and Pakistan for super and regional powers always interests me. Defining it as a game of chess, a game of wit and aptitude is perhaps very consistent and Pakistan needs to step back and analyse what the next few moves are of the opponent.

    TTP is the rook, Karzai a bishop falling, India a Knight planning co ordinating the frontal assaults or strategic moves setting the way for the pawns. America is the queen, making those precision surgical strikes to protect her interest and her King well… Who or what is she protecting.

    The American King is her long term interests, a monopoly across Central Asia (Khorasan).

    Now lets us introspect the murder of Mehsud by America and it is important to recognise that the first time Pakistan army has not asked American drones to be deployed on the TTP leader..we find they have been used.

    Why was Mehsud slayed ( an important chess piece).

    Mehsud was calling for peace talks and perhaps reaching out to the Emirate of Afghanistan but the poignant thing to not is that even Mehsud had rebuked Fazlullah for his indiscriminate killings, there was already a rift between the two.

    Fazlullah who worked closely with Indian consulates is an attempt to enforce further attacks on Pakistans Western belt, free for all maximise damage now since the Syria style insurgency or Libyan insurgency is out if the question against the world 5 th largest army and 4 th largest nuclear power.

    Fazlullah was the warlord terrorist who had covert Indian spies working within his terrorist outfit and everyone will recall half a dozen South Asian fighters who were uncircumcised killed and shown to the Pakistan media.

    So again it shows Indian and Americans in collusion to accelerate further escalations and increase the tally of innocent Pakistanis between now and until the last American soldier leaves The region of Khorasan.

    The American chessboard remains intact and a new rook is put forward but with any game if chess it is against the clock and chess pieces are falling.

    Will our eunuch leaders grow some balls….. Think not but should we the ordinary Pakistanis get duped in the strategic games and propaganda of our enemies. India is escalating tension on the Easterrn front, Fazlullah hides inside Afghanistan in the Nuristan region. Where are the American drones hovering Nuristan? Where is the Afghan Army hunting this terrorist in Nuristan. Pakistan’s western border is in a state of perpetual attack and Pakistan needs to take drastic action.

    Pakistan should begin with;

    1. Rallying up support in China, Turkey, Saudib Arabia, Iran and Russia too
    2. We need our PM to mature into a real leader for the first time in his life and his cohorts
    3. The Army and ISI need to intensify their mission across the Western border.
    4. Rally up support to allow Pakistan PAF to engage in surgical strikes inside Nuristan.
    5. Pakistan special forces should follow up with covert missions inside Nuristan
    6. If America, India and Afghanistan make noise, seal of the Western border

    I have said this before if you don’t you are damned politically, socially, economically and risk a bloody civil war in certain areas of Pakistan if Indian and nefarious CIA missions and plans continue.

    If you do your damned anyway too because you see political and social isolation, misinformation and demonisation which we already face. With the “do” scenario you win back self respect from Pakistani people, Kashmiris, the regional stake holders. It is true we may be slapped with sanctions or exclusion by America but ultimately will be a test on who blinks first. My assessment is it will be America as today they need Pakistan more than ever, The Afghan government is on its way out and please forget about the Ganges people the Hindu state. If anything our stance and rhetoric towards India needs to be very offensive and if India agrees to “our” legitimate and legal concerns she can engage with us.

    At home Pakistan needs to curb the pro Indian lobby’s in media, academia, judiciary and within political corridors. What has been done about two Indian agents sitting in our Parliament? Pakistan if supported by key friends has the capability to support herself and needs to lock down and weed out all the anti Pakistan conspirators from within.

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