President for following Quaid’s principles of ‘Unity, Faith, Discipline’


PAKISTAN-POLITICS-ELECTION-PRESIDENTISLAMABAD, Sept 11 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has urged the need to follow the principles of Quaid-e-Azam in letter and spirit to rid the country of various challenges, including the threat from militant mind-set, economic challenges and poverty etc. “The need to follow the principles of ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’ was never as great as it is today,” President Hussain said in his message on the occasion 65th death anniversary of the Founder of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said the observance of death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam on September 11 each year was the occasion for the nation to renew the commitment to those principles of democracy, constitutionalism and egalitarianism that the Father of the Nation propounded throughout his life.

“The day is an occasion for us to reflect as to how far we have measured up to the expectations of our Quaid and how far we have been successful in achieving those objectives that led to the creation of the state”, he added.
He said, “Our Quaid was a leader of unmatched qualities of uprightness, honesty, integrity and unflinching courage of conviction. A staunch believer and advocate of the democratic ideals, he believed in constitutionalism and egalitarianism.”
“On his death anniversary therefore the best way to pay homage to the Quaid is to reiterate our adherence to those principles that were pursued by our Quaid and for which Pakistan was created”, he added.
The President said, “Let us on this day reiterate to stand united in confronting all challenges that we face. Let us continue striving together for strengthening of a democratic, moderate and egalitarian system in this country.”
“On this day, I call upon the nation to also pay homage to all those who have made valuable contributions towards the state and upholding the ideals of Quaid”, he said.
The President also prayed for the Quaid’s soul to rest in eternal peace.
Source: APP

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  1. Nay; Follow the Islamic Ethics to letter and spirit. Follow Faith of absolute Monotheism as preached and practiced by the Final Messenger on whom be peace and the other two will be in-bedded.

    Terrorism is a concoction of Terrorist. The so called Gentlemen in their suit and ties are the terrorist. Identify them and offer no compliance to their agenda.

    None of the Muslim Countries were involved in the three Towers demise, or the London, Spain, Mumbai episode.

    If the President has guts, he must do what the Ex Malaysian PM did.

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