Poor nations need $60bn a year to protect nature: NGOs


NAIROBI: Fat countries should give at least$ 60 billion every time to the world’s poorest nations to combat biodiversity loss, an alliance of terrain groups said on Tuesday.

The appeal by WWF, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other green groups was launched on the sidelines of a major UN terrain meeting in Nairobi.

It comes ahead of crucial addresses for a UN biodiversity peak to be held in China that will see nations hammer out conservation targets for the coming decade.

The$ 60bn would address “ the disproportionate impact of fat country consumption habits on biodiversity,” the signatories said in a common statement.

“ Fat nations are driving much of the loss of nature in developing countries through imported goods and have a responsibility to address this impact,” said Brian O’Donnell, director of Crusade for Nature.

Some$ 844bn annually is demanded to address the loss of biodiversity and nature — some$ 711bn further than is being spent moment, the NGOs said.

A boost in fiscal backing should go hand in glove with an end to public and private investment that damages the terrain, said Marco Lambertini from WWF.

“ It’s doable. It requires political will to make it be,” Lambertini said of the$ 60bn target. “ It isn’t a duty for biodiversity. This is an investment” and made clear business sense, he added. A pledge by fat nations to give the developing world with$ 100bn annually to deal with the climate extremity has not been fulfilled.

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