Police believes Awais Shah is being kept in Karachi, says IG Sindh


KARACHI: Inspector General of Police AD Khwaja has said the kidnappers of Awais Shah, son of SHC CJ, are trying to misguide the law enforcement agencies and the police believes he is kept in Karachi.

“We still believe that he (Awais Shah) has been kept in Karachi and with the help of all the agencies and using the technology we have, we would recover him safe and sound shortly,” said the province’s top police official.

The IG added, during the special cabinet session on law and order, that the kidnappers are switching Shah’s cellphone on and off to mislead the security apparatus.

During the cabinet session, Khwaja, briefed the attendees about the kidnapping of Shah through the use of maps which displayed the routes taken by him and his kidnappers

“The police has conducted a number of raids and we have arrested some suspects,” added the IG.

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah on the occasion said the murder of Amjab Sabri and kidnapping of Shah are big challenges to be solved by law enforcers.

Referring to Sabri’s murder, IG Sindh claimed the police is close to arresting his killers.

“The police and other agencies are working closely and would give results very soon,” he said.

Apex Committee

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Tuesday said ‘ample incentives’ would be given to investigators working on high profile cases and the same incentive would also be given to prosecutors if they win the case.

The province’s chief minister took the policy decision in a high level Apex Committee meeting, which was attended by senior government and military officials.

IG Sindh stated during the meeting that police and other agencies are working day and night to trace SHC CJ’s kidnapped son.

“After 48 hours of Shah’s kidnapping, activity was noticed on the phone of Shah in Landi Kotal,” said the top police official.

He added the car used in the kidnapping is an imported model, of which 3,000 have been imported across the country. 700 cars of the same model are present in Karachi.

IG Sindh also elaborated on the Sindh Police registration plates of the car, and said the plates were computerised made.

“Police have interrogated all the people involved in manufacturing computrised number plates to trace any clue,” said Khwaja.

Awais Ali Shah, son of SHC CJ, was kidnapped in broad daylight by masked men in the upscale Clifton locality of the metropolis. The kidnappers, bundled Shah in a car bearing Sindh Police registration and sped away.

Famed qawwal Amjad Sabri was shot dead earlier this month in a targeted attack on his car by armed motorcyclists in Liaquatabad.

The 40-year-old Sabri, son of qawwali maestro Ghulam Farid Sabri, was heading to a private TV channel to perform in a Ramazan transmission when he was attacked, police said.



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