Police arrest ‘primary suspect’ in killings of Muslim men in New Mexico’s Albuquerque


New Mexico police declared on Wednesday that the “essential suspect” in the new killings of four Muslim men in the city of Albuquerque had been captured.

Police recognized the suspect as 51-year-old Muhammad Syed, who is likewise a Muslim.

Each of the four casualties were of Afghan or Pakistani plunge. One was killed in November, and the other three over the most recent fourteen days.

In an explanation, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) said city police and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) specialists cooperated to tackle the case that had made alarm spread among the 5,000-in number Muslim people group in western United States.

Police said as their analysts arranged to look through Syed’s home in Southeast Albuquerque on Monday, he drove from the home in the Volkswagen Jetta that criminal investigators accept was utilized in no less than one of the killings. Specialists had before distinguished a similar vehicle as a “vehicle of interest”.

“Criminal investigators confined Syed, and looked through his home and the vehicle. They found extra proof that further binds Syed to the homicides,” the police explanation said.

Criminal investigators found proof that showed the suspect knew the casualties somewhat and an “relational struggle” may have prompted the shootings, the police articulation added.

The APD said Syed was being accused of two of the crimes, the July 26 homicide of Aftab Hussein and the August 1 homicide of Muhammad Afzaal Hussain.

“Criminal investigators associated those murders utilizing shot housings found at the scenes. The firearm utilized in these shootings was found during the short-term search of [Syed’s] home,” police said.

“This has been an extreme week for our local area,” APD Chief Harold Medina was cited as saying in the explanation.

“Yet, we as a whole contributed to tackle these wrongdoings and safeguard a local area that felt it was enduring an onslaught. We met up, similar to we generally do in Albuquerque,” he added.

The APD police boss said criminal investigators would keep on working with the District Attorney’s office on expected charges for the other two manslaughters — the August 5 homicide of Nadeem Hussain and the November 2021 homicide of Mohammad Zaher Ahmadi.

Afterward, APD Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock said at a news meeting that examiners were all the while sorting out thought processes in the killings of the four men,

Because of correspondents’ inquiries, Hartsock said partisan hostility by the suspect toward his kindred Muslim casualties might play had an impact in the savagery.

“However, we’re not exactly clear assuming that was the real thought process, or on the other hand on the off chance that it was essential for an intention, or on the other hand assuming there is only a greater picture that we’re missing,” he said.

Syed has a record of criminal wrongdoings in the United States, including an instance of abusive behavior at home, over the last three or four years, Hartsock said.

The capture comes day after US President Joe Biden said he was “enraged and disheartened” by the “terrible” killings, adding that “these contemptuous assaults have no bearing in America”.

“While we anticipate a full examination, my requests are with the casualties’ families, and my organization stands unequivocally with the Muslim people group,” he had said in a tweet late on Sunday.

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