PM reconstitutes EAC to review economic conditions


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday reconstituted the 18-part Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to audit the predominant financial circumstances and propose adjustment measures and restorative activities inside the accessible assets.

This replaces a previous 22-part EAC the PM had comprised on April 29 that likewise included individuals from the alliance accomplices and a few driving money managers who have gone under higher corporate duties in the most recent financial plan update and were reproachful of tax collection measures.

The alliance accomplices and business magnates have now been chopped out.

The new body for the most part involve PML-N bureau individuals and confidential area individuals. The EAC is presently driven by previous head Shahid Khaqan Abbasi rather than PM Sharif. Different individuals from the bureau incorporate Ahsan Iqbal, Dr Miftah Ismail, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Dr Aysha Ghaus Pasha and Dr Musadik Malik.

Different individuals generally from IBA and LUMS incorporate Dr Akbar Zaidi, Dr Nadeem Javed, Dr Samina Khalil, Dr Masood Ahmed, Dr Ijaz Nabi, Dr Hafeez Pasha, Dr Ali Cheema, Dr Syed Mohammad Hassan Shah, Dr Akhtar Hussain Shah, Dr S. Manzoor Ahmad, Khurram Hussain and Sakib Sherani.

Just three individuals from the past EAC under the PTI government remain, including Arif Habib, Mohammad Ali Tabba, and Dr Ijaz Nabi. They are not any more in the warning body. All individuals from PML-N have been held in the new body.

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