PM Imran summons freshly restored cabinet’s session on Friday, to also address the nation


Prime Minister Imran Khan has summoned a session of his lately restored civil press for Friday ( hereafter) and will also address the nation.

He said a meeting of the PTI’s administrative commission would also be convened on Friday and he’d” continue to fight for Pakistan till the last ball”.

The decision to hold a meeting of the press came after it was revived through the Supreme Court’s verdict that set aside the deputy speaker’s ruling to dismiss the no- trust resolution against the high minister and the posterior dissolution of the National Assembly (NA) by the chairman on the PM’s advice, with all five judges unanimously advancing 5-0 against it.

The court, in its short order, ruled that the deputy speaker’s ruling was” contrary to the Constitution and the law and of no legal effect, and the same are hereby set away”.

The apex court ruled that President Dr Arif Alvi’s decision to dissolve the NA was also” contrary to the Constitution and the law and of no legal effect”, noting that the high minister couldn’t have advised the chairman to dissolve the assembly as he continues to remain under the bar assessed under clause (1) of Composition 58 of the Constitution.

“It’s farther declared that the (National) Assembly was in actuality at all times, and continues to remain and be so,”the short order reads.

The court’s verdict restored the high minister and his press in their position.”In consequence of the foregoing, it’s declared that the high minister and civil ministers, ministers of state, counsels, etc stand restored to their separate services,”the office said.

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