PM Imran slashes petrol prices by Rs10, power tariff by Rs5 as part of relief measures for public


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday blazoned the slashing of petroleum products’ price by Rs10 per litre and electricity tariff by Rs5 per unit as part of a series of measures to bring some relief to the millions.

The relief was blazoned by the premier as he addressed the nation about the country’s profitable situation, the government’s performance over the last three-and-a-half times and the global challenges in the wake of the Russian irruption of Ukraine.
Relief measures Blazoned

1. Rs10 and Rs5 drop in petrol and electricity prices, independently
2. No increase in petrol and electricity prices until the coming budget
3. Duty impunity for companies and freelancers in IT sector; foreign exchange impunity
4. Impunity from capital gain duty for IT startups
5. Chops- grounded externships for graduates
6. Ehsaas paycheck increased to Rs14, from Rs12,
7. “I entered a summary from the Canvas and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and they recommended adding the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs10 due to the price hike in global requests,”he said.

” Moment I want to tell you guys this good news that, rather of adding it, we will drop (petrol prices) by Rs10.”

In the same way, he said that electricity was also being made from imported energy which had caused prices to soar. Lamenting the fact that once governments didn’t invest in erecting heads, he said the PTI government was constructing 10 heads which would save the country from global price oscillations.

“We’ve also decided to drop electricity prices by Rs5 per unit. This means that there will be a 20-50 per cent drop in you electricity bills.”

He said that there would be no increase in petrol and electricity prices until the coming budget.

Talking about the cash handouts given to the people under the Ehsaas programme, the premier said that it had increased from Rs12, to Rs14,. In addition, graduates would be given chops- grounded externships and paid Rs30,, he added, without evolving further.

He reiterated that the IT sector, which included companies and freelancers, had been exempted from paying levies, adding that they would also not face any restrictions on foreign exchange. Further, IT startups would no longer have to pay capital gain duty, he said.

Talking about diligence, the high minister said that anyone wishing to set up an assiduity in Pakistan or invest in the sector would not be” asked any questions”. He said that he’d advertise a complete package for this sector latterly.

Also, overseas Pakistanis who invest in diligence or carry out a common adventure will get a five- time duty vacation, he said.

Under the Kamyab Jawan programme, he said that the country’s youth and growers would be given interest-free loans while low- income citizens would be given subsidised loans to make homes.”Loans worth Rs407 billion will be expended during two times.”

The high minister expressed satisfaction at the fact that banks had been converted to give loans to low- income citizens, noting that so far they had approved Rs150bn in loans.

Belting up his address, the premier said that he’d informed the principal ministers of the businesses that health insurance was a big blessing for low- income families.

“When illness strikes, they shouldn’t have the fear that they can not get treated at a sanitarium. Frequently times they go to government hospitals and there are no croakers and nursers.”

PM Imran said that every ménage in Punjab would have the sehat card by the end of March, allowing them to mileage medical treatment of over to Rs1 million at any sanitarium.”A health system is being created in Pakistan. Small hospitals are being constructed in the townlets.”

” Incipiently, I want to say to the nation that I know that these are delicate times. I know that there have been numerous difficulties one after the time during the last three-and-a-half times (.) but my government is always allowing about how to lessen the burden on you,”he said, ending his address by saying that the country and the frugality were headed in the right direction.

PM stresses need for independent foreign policy
PM Imran began his speech by talking about the country’s foreign policy, stating that the situation in the world was changing which latterly had an effect on Pakistan.

He said that his parents were born in an”enslaved India”which made him realise how lucky he was to be born in a free country as he was growing up.
“From the day I entered politics, I wanted a free and independent foreign policy. This means that a nation drafts a policy that benefits the country and its people,”he said.

Pressing an illustration of the” wrong foreign policy”, he said that Pakistan had shared in the American’ war on terror’.”From day one, I said that we shouldn’t have shared (in the US war),”he said, adding that it didn’t eventually profit the country as Pakistanis were martyred.
“The most disturbing part was that, for the first time in history, a country was fighting in support of a country that was bombing it.”

He said that there were only 10 drone attacks during the government of former military sovereign Gen Pervez Musharraf, but nearly 400 during the rule of popular leaders similar as Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari.
Circling back to the need for a free independent foreign policy, PM Imran said that these popular leaders should have taken a stage against the US.

“Neither of them issued a single statement,”he said, adding that an American intelligencer quoted Zardari as saying to America’s army chief that he wasn’t affected by the collateral damage from drone attacks.
He noted that the means of Russian billionaires stockpiled abroad had been firmed by the West since the Kremlin began its irruption of Ukraine.

“I want to tell my nation that if you want an independent foreign policy, you should noway bounce for a party whose leaders have parcels and means abroad. They will noway draft an independent foreign policy.”
Talking about his recent visits to China and Russia, the high minister said that these tenures would have a far- reaching impact on the country’s frugality.

He said that Pakistan had entered a lot of respect during the visit to China. About his trip to Russia, he said that the government had to go to Moscow as Pakistan demanded to import wheat and gas.

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