PM Imran seeks ‘sea of support’ on 27th


SWAT/ ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that it was the responsibility of the entire nation to come out of their homes and stand with the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in Islamabad on March 27, against “ the three stealers” to tell the world that they’re against the “ hypocrites and the abettors of the United States”.

The PM also said his happiness knew no bounds, as no other politician, not indeed Maulana Fazlur Rehman who claims to be champion of Islam, could ever speak against Islamophobia, while the United Nations espoused a resolution on combating Islamophobia and designated March 15 as the International Day against Islamophobia due to his own sweats.

The premier expressed these views while addressing a huge gathering in a Saidu Sharif ground. He was accompanied by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, Senator Faisal Javed, Minister for Dispatches Murad Saeed and all lawgivers from Swat.

PM Khan said that neither the Maulana nor any high minister in the history could ever speak against Islamophobia, because they all were allegedly the “ slaves of the west”.

“ It was I, who for the first time raised the issue in the OIC meeting and asked all the Muslim countries to stand united against Islamophobia. I kept continuing my sweats and spoke against Islamophobia in my speech in the United Nations,” he said, adding that the entire Muslim world was felicitating him for the corner deed.

This was the first corner achievement in this regard after the protestation of the Ahmadis as a religious nonage in the Constitution, 1973, Mr Khan said.

He said the‘three stealers’ pillaged the country with both hands and were making all- eschewal sweats to exclude the Public Responsibility Bureau (NAB) because they were hysterical of the corruption proceedings against them. “ They’re sitting in Sindh House with a mound of plutocrat to buy the MPs. They’re trying to buy the heart of the tagged representatives by the unconstitutional act of steed-trading,” the PM said, asking the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take action against the alleged steed-trading.

He said the PTI not only saved the country from coronavirus but also saved its frugality. “ With our wise programs and opinions during the Covid-19, we surprised the world and now every country acknowledges our programs,” he said.

He also recalled the government achievement of record duty collection with the result that that he lowered the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs10 and power tariff by Rs5 per unit at a time when numerous countries were facing record affectation.

Also, “ it is due to our good programs in husbandry and IT field, the growers and youth earned record high plutocrat and we’re ahead of the stealers in every sector,” Mr Khan said, asking the youth of Swat to bounce for club in the original government choices.

Before, CM Mahmood Khan ate Mr Khan to Swat and thanked the huge gathering for drinking the high minister with tang and zeal. Minister Saeed also addressed the gathering.

D-Chowk gathering
Meanwhile, sticking to its decision to hold a “ mammoth” public meeting at D-Chowk then on March 27, the government formed a high- position commission to finalise the arrangements and submitted a formal operation to seek NOC from the original administration to hold the rally at the same venue where PTI had offered the country’s longest sit-in against the PML-N government.

The decision to form the 30- member core operation commission was taken at high- position meeting presided over by Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar, said a press release.
Three PTI leaders — Shehbaz Gill, Kanwal Shauzab and Zahid Hussain Kazmi — submitted an operation with Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat, seeking an NOC for holding the public meeting at D-Chowk. “ We’re then to submit our operation so get NOC for holding Jalsa,” said Shehbaz Gill while presenting the operation to the deputy manager.

The deputy manager accepted the operation and told the aspirants “ We’ve entered your operation and will issue NOC in 48 hours after entering reports from the diggings concerned.”
Following submission of the operation, the three PTI leaders held a press conference outside the DC Office, giving reasons for holding the public meeting despite having the needed number of votes in the assembly to master the opposition’s stir against the high minister.

Mr Gill said the opposition could also hold its Jalsa in Islamabad, but not at the same venue (D-Chowk). Asked if government MNAs would attend the no- confidence session, he said “ It’s yet to be decided by the party leadership.”

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