PM Imran Khan to launch ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ with aim to timely address problems


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan today would launch ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ with an aim to timely address problems of the people and get their feedback.

The portal is a simple tool that allow citizens to register themselves through an app and send their complaints to the concerned government departments.

Talking to media, Deputy Secretary of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) Adil Saeed Safi said after registering himself with the portal, every citizen whether he or she is in Pakistan or lives abroad can register a complaint online through an APP which would be run through beta android version.

However, efforts are being made to include IOS version so that citizens having iPhone can also register their complaints.

A report regarding the status of complaints received would be regularly sent to the premier.

Giving further details, he said the complaints would automatically reach the heads of relevant departments who would take appropriate step to address the matter.

The maximum time limit for addressing the complaint would be ten days.

The system would be a replication of the portal successfully running in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

About 3760 federal and provincial departments would be linked with the portal and the letters had been written to all the provincial governments about the new initiative, he told.

Adil Safi said the portal would be a step forward towards establishing responsive governance in Pakistan.

The application allows citizens to register their complaints about multiple sectors of service delivery.

Citizens can upload picture/video/audio files in support of their complaints to ensure proper action.

Citizen’s Portal is first of its kind application in Pakistan that uses ICT towards establishing e-governance in true sense.

A unique essence of the app is the integration at various levels of the government structure.

A complaint registered by a citizen is immediately available at the dashboards of the concerned ministries and departments.

The official said citizens can provide feedback and rate their complaint resolution to inform authorities in case if complaint is not resolved to their level of satisfaction.

The motive of the Citizen’s Portal is that “No complaint will remain unresolved”.

The objective is to resolve all complaints amicably regardless of its complexity and nature.


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