PM Imran Invites Bill Gates for Fight Against Climate Change


Prime Minister Imran Khan has written a letter to the Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, and has invited him to collaborate with Pakistan to save the world from the threats of climate change.

In his letter dated 6 April, the premier said that he had read Gates’ book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’, and finds it interesting and enlightening as it provides “policy-oriented analyses on the critical issue of climate change challenges confronting the global community”.

The PM remarked that despite being a very low contributor to climate change, Pakistan continues to be one of the most vulnerable countries to it.

“The impacts of changing monsoon patterns, freak weather events, melting Himalayan glaciers, and sea-level rise, all compound our vulnerability,” he stated.

His letter also highlighted Pakistan’s efforts in countering the impact of climate change through the implementation of various policies.


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