In-pictures: Eid-ul-Azha celebrated across the globe


Muslims across the globe celebrated Eid-ul-Azha on Friday.

In Palestine the largest congregation of Eid prayers took place in the al-Aqsa Mosque while in the UAE the largest congregation took place in Abu Dhabi.

In the United Kingdom and other European countries, Eid prayers were held in various mosques.

Eid was also celebrated in different parts of the world including the United States of America, Africa, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and Bosnia

Indonesians attend an Eid al-Adha prayer in Surabaya, East Java province on September 1, 2017 – AFP
Filipina Muslims gather to pray during Eid al-Adha in Taguig, a suburb of Manila – AFP
Muslim perform the morning Eid ul-Azha prayer at a mosque in the southern Iraqi city of Basra – AFP
A handout picture released by the official Twitter page of the Syrian Presidency on September 1, 2017, shows President Bashar al-Assad performing the morning Eid ul-Azha prayer at the Grand Mosque of Qara – AFP
Afghan Muslim men sit on the ground as they listen to Eid-ul-Azha sermon prayers at Shah-e-Do Shamshira mosque in Kabul – AFP
Bosnian Muslims perform the morning prayer at the Skenderija sports centre in Sarajevo – AFP 
Egyptian Muslim devotees perform the morning Eid ul-Azha prayer outside al-Sedik mosque in the northeastern suburb of Sheraton in the capital Cairo – AFP
Libyan Muslims embrace in Martyrs´ Square in the capital Tripoli on September 1, 2017 – AFP
Afghan men offer Eid-ul-Azha prayers in Jalalabad on September 1, 2017 – AFP
Members of Russia´s Muslim community pray in a street outside the Central Mosque – AFP
A Palestinian girl carries balloons while celebrating at the main square in Gaza City – AFP
Afghan policemen greet each other after offering Eid-ul-Azha prayers at a mosque in Ghazni province – AFP
A man dressed in a clown outfit distributes balloons to children by the Dome of the Rock inside al-Aqsa Mosque compound – AFP
Syrian children ride in carriages decorated in balloons along a damaged street in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib – AFP 
A Palestinian girl flies a helium balloon shaped like a dolphin by the Dome of the Rock inside al-Aqsa Mosque compound – AFP
A man sells sheep during the Eid ul-Azha celebrations in Istanbul – AFP
A child stands as people pray to mark Eid ul-Azha , in downtown Rome – Reuters

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