PIA PK-661 black box will be sent to France for further investigation


KARACHI: The black box of the ill-fated flight PIA PK-661 was transported to Karachi on Friday, two days after the horrific plane crash near Havelian (Abbottabad district) claimed 47 precious lives.

According to Aviation Division sources, the data of the black box will be downloaded in Karachi.

The data and the black box afterwards will be sent to France for further investigation, sources said.

The sources said that the Safety Investigation Board investigating the matter will decide whether the box will be opened in Karachi or France.

PIA sources claimed that the national airliner is capable of opening, downloading and analysing data. PIA has certified specialists for it as well, sources added.

In this regard, PIA has full support of International Safety Board (ISB), sources informed.

Earlier, PIA had confirmed that the black box of the crashed plane has been recovered. Information recovered from the flight data recorder may prove crucial to the investigation of the reasons behind the plane crash.

Moreover, DNA samples of all the relatives of the deceased passengers have been collected.

A PIA plane carrying 47 people crashed Wednesday on a domestic flight from the mountainous northern city of Chitral to Islamabad, killing all on board.

The plane took off from Chitral around 3:50PM and PIA said the plane crashed at 1642 local time (1142 GMT) in the Havelian area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, about 125 km north of Islamabad.

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