Petitions against Indian atrocities, war-mongering receive massive support


An online petition on the official White House website drawing the United States government’s attention to the Indian involvement in spreading terrorism in Pakistan is receiving huge support by every passing minute.

The petition created on September 27 has already received thousands of signatures from the Pakistani-American nationals. It needs 53,162 signatures by Oct 27 to get a response from the White House.

The petition states that India is involved in “spreading bloody proxy wars against its adjoining countries particularly Islamic Republic of Pakistan, especially in the province of Balochistan, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas and Metropolitan City of Karachi.”

“The clear evidence is available in the form of Kalboshan Yadev. Yadev in an Indian Spy working for Indian Agency ‘RAW’ for the purpose of espionage and sabotage in Pakistan,” the petition read.

It further stated that Yadev has confessed engagement in various terrorism activities in Balochistan and also helping TTP, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

‘These all evidences call for declaring India a terrorist state and isolating it globally,’ the appeal demanded.

Another petition to the United Kingdom parliament’s website asks the British government to stop India from its atrocities in Kashmir and holding of an impartial plebiscite.

The petition is rapidly receiving signatures and till January has to reach the threshold of 10,000 signatures.

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