Peshawar – Another Educational Facility Attacked by TTP


As per recently circulated intelligence reports, the hostile agencies of the region, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and National Directorate of Security (NDS), had been planning for a terrorist attack in coordination with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in different cities of Pakistan including the capital. These agencies have been continuously looking for an opportunity to bring back instability in Pakistan. In most of the attacks which were claimed by TTP, security forces have found the substantial evidence of a nexus between TTP, RAW, and NDS. On numerous occasions, this nexus has chosen soft targets for their vicious objectives.

In another cowardly move, terrorists have attacked another civilian installation. At least nine civilians were martyred and 37 people injured as at least three terrorists stormed the hostel of Peshawar’s Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed the responsibility of this attack. According to media reports, three to four terrorists took part in the attack. Three terrorists were eliminated during the operation launched by security forces, however, the identity of the fourth terrorist is currently being ascertained.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police have stated that all terrorists have been neutralized after a “successful clearance operation” by security forces.

The killed terrorists have been identified as Waheedullah, Qari Sabir, and Hafiz Jabir. The media cell of TTP has also released a picture in which these attackers can be seen sitting beside the infamous TTP Chief Fazlullah.

Picture of the three terrorists with TTP Taliban commander Fazalullah in his base in Afghanistan.

The attack began approximately around 8:30 am, almost 150 students were present in the hostels at the time of the attack. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police responded to the venue of the attack within minutes and launched the operation against terrorist. There are two blocks of ATI hostel, security forces, simultaneously, confined the terrorists to the first block and started safe evacuation of the students from the second block. Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) were used for the evacuation of civilians from the attacked compound.

Security forces hunted down and neutralized the terrorists in an operation launched soon after the attack was reported. They were assisted by military helicopters conducting aerial surveillance of the premises.

The terrorists came prepared for the major attack, perhaps to reenact the episode of APS carnage, as three suicide jackets and 20 grenades ─ all intact ─ were recovered from the killed terrorists’ possession, as well as small arms and ammunition. But thanks to the Almighty that our valiant forces responded in an efficient and yet effective manner.

SSP Sajjad Khan was among the first to reach the attacked hostel.

The role of KP Police in this operation is highly commendable, as they reached the spot within minutes and restrained terrorists from inflicting heavy casualties. SSP Sajjad Khan and CCPO Peshawar AIG Tahir Khan emerged as the heroes of today’s event. They led the operation from the front and executed this successful operation.

The key to the success was their timely response. SSP Sajjad did not even waste time to change his clothes, he was seen in his loungewear throughout this operation. These valiant and responsible acts of SSP Sajjad and AIG Tariq have a set a new benchmark for other officers. These officers will always be remembered for their bravery and sense of responsibility.

These were not the only heroes, a student from Bannu also performed a heroic act, which brought back the memories of martyred Aitazaz Hassan. According to social media accounts, This young son of soil grabbed the gun of the terrorist and tried to snatch the gun from the hands of a well-trained terrorist. Despite taking a bite from the terrorist at his fingers, the boy succeeded in seizing the rifle and locked him in the room. The terrorist was later eliminated by police.

The events of today have strengthened the nation’s resolve against terrorism. SSP Sajjad, AIG Tariq, and all those officers KP Police who took part in this operation have proved the mettle of Police Force. They have demonstrated that they are no more dependent on any other military force for counterterrorism operations. We are proud of our Security Forces.

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