‘People of Pakistan were really really friendly to us’: Faf du Plessis


LAHORE: Praising the arrangements made by the local administration and the Pakistan Cricket Board, the World XI and South Africa cricket captain Faf du Plessis said the tour was an enjoyable one for him.

Talking to media at the conclusion of the Independence Cup series between Pakistan and World XI, the South African cricketer said that it was heartening to see the love of the game and the support he and his team received in Pakistan.

“I just loved seeing emotions on people’s faces, that’s the thing that stands out for me,” he said when asked about his fondest memory of the tour, adding that he also loved the food in Pakistan.

“It shows how much this (series) was important to the people of Pakistan and that goes way beyond than what we do on the cricket field. I looked around the field and everyone was saying thank you very much for coming. That’s most important thing,” said the South African captain.

Faf added that the short stay in Lahore which was limited to hotel and stadium wasn’t strange for him as players usually don’t get much time to roam around even when they’re on tour anywhere else.

“It didn’t feel strange at all. We got some food delivered at the hotel, and we had some good time to spend together as a team, so that’s wasn’t an issue at all,” said Faf.

The 33-year old who’s recently named as South Africa’s captain in all the three formats of the game said that he and his time had a great time in Lahore and the arrangements made for the tour were appreciable.

“We really had a great time. I appreciate that there was a lot of planning, a lot of time and a lot of energy spent in the planning of this week. Everything was smooth and very easy and we really enjoyed our time,” he said.

“People of Pakistan were really really friendly to us,” Faf added.

The South African skipper suggested Pakistan Cricket authorities to take each step at a time and plan specifically for every tour.

“This tour was success and whatever is the next step, I think the same amount of energy and the same amount of resources are required to make sure that it is smooth as this tour was and if you do out all the things at place then there can be another step and another step and another stop to get cricket back in Pakistan,” he said.

When asked, Faf du Plessis confirmed that before coming to Pakistan he was a bit nervous, but the week in Pakistan changed his feelings and emotions.

“When I first thought of coming, I was obviously nervous within myself, but now going through this week, I have completely different emotions and feelings and very happy with our time here,” he said.




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