Peaceful resolution of Kashmir must for ties with India: PM


Top state leader Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan wanted tranquil binds with India, in light of the standards of value, equity and common regard yet in this unique situation, a fair and quiet goal of the Jammu and Kashmir debate as per the important UNSC goals and wishes of the Kashmiri public was essential.

The Prime Minister expressed this while conversing with the recently delegated Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Mr. Neil Hawkins, who approached him here on Thursday.

The Prime Minister valued the consistent advancement accomplished in respective relations between the two nations throughout the long term and reaffirmed Pakistan’s powerful urge and obligation to additional improve collaboration in different fields, for example, exchange and speculation, farming including wheat creation, domesticated animals including steers raising, instructive and specialized participation, direct air-joins, gifted movement, and individuals to-individuals contacts.

The Australian High Commissioner responded the craving for additional reinforcing of reciprocal relations and conveyed significant appreciation for Pakistan’s facilitative job in safe clearing of their nationals and others from Afghanistan.

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