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To gather the TTP on the talking table is again a crusade in itself as the TTP is not a single organized body but an aggregate of several scattered mercenary groups that work under the slogan of takfeer; an ideology that acquits them of the guilt in killing the innocents.

TTP, Peace Talk, Molana Sami ul Haq

Molana Sami-ul-Haq, the leader of JUI-S tasked by the federal government to initiate talks with the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban has made contact with all the sub-factions, except TTP Ameer Mullah Fazalullah and Asmatuallah Muawia, the leader of Punjabi Taliban; the sources privy to the ongoing development informed us.

In what is being considered as a breakthrough, majority of the TTP groups have given their consent in carrying out unconditional talks with the federal government. PKKH was informed that a confidante of Molana Sami-ul-Haq, Moulana Yousuf Shah represented the Haqqania seminary supremo in the meetings with the commanders of TTP.

When the scribe raised query about the absence of Mullah Fazalullah, the source asserted that Fazalullah after a brief detour within the Pakistani border land had retreated back to Afghanistan. Asmatullah Moavia was deliberately excluded from the peace overtures due to his dismissal from the Markazi Shoora (Executive Committee) by Hakimullah Mehsud, the former leader of Tehreek-e-Taliban.

A highly placed source on the conditions of anonymity confided that Sami-ul-Haq initially requested PM Nawaz Sharif to have the drone attacks halted so as to create reason upon which the TTP could be lured on the table. He said that although Mr. Sharif did not agree to this demand, he still requested Molana Sami-ul-Haq to initiate the much awaited talks. The PM also insisted on publicizing this development so that he could gain sympathies of the Tehreek-e-Taliban.

The PML-N government aims to root out the extremists through negotiations, and has made it a core component of its national security policy that is yet to be unveiled. The increasing dissent in the civil society and the armed forces regarding the negotiations process with the unyielding militants has also kept the government on the tenterhooks. Reportedly, the government is also deliberating to fall back on the military option if talks with the Taliban fail.

Although the Military seems to not have much faith in the dialogue process with a criminal entity within the country and have gained more confidence against their menace after several successful operations last year, nevertheless they will have to give the Nawaz Policy a chance before rejecting it. On the other hand the TTP as usual have expressed disbelief in the political system of the country and asked for sureties from the Army as a condition to enter talks.

Security analysts believe that a decisive operation against the Pakistani Taliban is necessary for the maintenance of peace. Peace talks with an indefinable entity such as the TTP have always been dubious, each time they are initiated, they end up with the killing of the TTP leader who has shown willingness to talk, or die down because of distrust between the different sides. To gather the TTP on the talking table is again a crusade in itself as the TTP is not a single organized body but an aggregate of several scattered mercenary groups that work under the slogan of takfeer; an ideology that acquits them of the guilt in killing the innocents. Nevertheless an effort to contain them through dialogue may not be a bad idea if that equals to saving even only one innocent life, as the use of force, even if surgical does bear the risk of civilian casualties. Yet it is time that will tell the people of Pakistan whether the TTP menace will eventually be ridden by words or by bullets.

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Talha Ibrahim - is a certified conflict analyst of United States Institute of Peace.

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    Mash’allah very sensible approach.

    I am totally against any reconcilliation for Fazlullah but his men of Pakistani origin are our brothers and mislead as they have the right to reconsiliation.

    This fiend who had Indian uncircumcised fighters killing our brothers and abducting our sisters in SWAT has no room in Pakistan. Further more he continues tos end foreign terrorists from Afghanistan soil into Pakistan.

    The Punjabi Taliban is equally despicable with mercenaries fighters looting our businesses and indiscriminately bombing our cities and abducting our sisters from Lahore to Karachi.

    These are not pious men but shayateen and there is zero room now for reconciliation.

    Any Pakistani under them confused and brainwashed has the right to reconciliation.

    I am suddenly agreeing to Nawaz Shareef this is very promising.

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    Now Pakistan realises how it feels. You sent those terrorists to India to cause bomb blasts, now you are tasting your own medicines. Its rightly said when you dig up ditch for others, you yourself fall into it.
    Having sufferred terrorism in kashmir, Punjab and elsewhere in India, we have all sympathies for Pakistan and wish you root out talibani terrorists from your soil as we rooted out khalistani terrorists.

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      What terrorist has Pakistan sent to you “once our ghulams”

      We Kashmiris were occupied by YOU and continue to face state terror from Hindus
      You annexed Hyderabad a sovereign state
      You annexed Assam
      You occupy Sir Creek
      You occupy Junagadh
      You sent forces to attack us in 1965
      You sent 80,000 filthy Hindu Bengolis disguised as Bengoli Muslims between 1968 and 1971
      Their was no Pakistan involvement in Khalistan, but there SHOULD have been to avenge 71
      We will not go into the massacres Hindu extremist commit on a Indian Muslims and non upper caste Hindus as I am concerned only about Pakistan.
      Who bombed Samjhotha Express?
      There has been zero evidence to support you trial by media to defame Pakistan with the black flag parliament and Mumbai hoax. Pakistan stands vindicated by every major intelligence organisation including Interpol. Kasab looked Hindu South Asian, spoke Marathi and will ever be a dirty Hindu.
      You fund TTP
      You fund and provide sanctuaries for terrorists active in Baloch.
      You created the LTTE and spilt 2 decades of bloodshed in Sr Lanka
      You are behind the destabilisation and injustice against Muslims in Bangladesh.

      “…….Kashmir is occupied by you and us a Line of a control and we have the right to cross and support our kith and kin from the dirty vermins spawned from the filthy lower Ganges.

      You people are egotistical fools with a culture of hatred based on a the pariah of Hindu fanatical propaganda against The Muslims who ruled over you. A deep resentment and a deep inferiority complex.

      I and all my Kashmiri brethren do not give rats ass about you aborigines that came out of the jungles of the lower Ganges.

      I loathe India and what you sow you shall reap tenfold liar, deceitful dirty malignant people of India.

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        @Alansaralhaq! How are you surviving with so much of venom in your veins? Hatred is so deep rooted that you seem to have lost senses. I can only pity you. The country you are cursing so much is progressing leaps and bounds. And its very obvious who is displaying inferiority complex. India is proud of its muslim, hindu and buddhist rulers and their rich heritage.

        No one in India complains about annexation of junagadh, hyderabad or assam but Baluchis are demanding separation from the day one. No Kashmiri from india wants to go with pakistan. they are fed up with militancy and some would indeed like to be independent rather than going with pakistan. when infiltration of terrorists from pakistan stops there is perfect peace in the kashmir valley.

        I dont want to reply to your whole list of things that India is doing or have done in Pakistan but if i do believe then i wonder if Pakistan is able to do anything for itself? dont talk of revenge for 1971, you sound very defeated already tlking about it. if 80000 hindu bengolis can make 90000 pakistani forces to surrender then i leave the rest to your imagination.

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          1 million Kashmiris massacred and I displaced since Dogra Hindu rule occupying Kashmir. 1 million displaced and massacred since 1948 by the Hindu state of India, rape of a recorded 100,000 Kashmiri sisters and mothers.

          Hate begets Hate – change it give freedom to Kashmir speaking as a Kashmiri representing the Kashmiri sentiment. You are a product from the dirty plains of the lower Nile and like your culture, language and skewed version reality do not belong along the Indus namely Kashmir.

          Where are you progressing same amount of poor in India as they were a day before 911.
          People are homeless and starving in India where have you made the leaps! oh yes the 10 % of elitis Hindus who belong to a Hindu higher caste.

          Your nation has made “some progress” not leaps, 80,000 Hindu Bengolis guises as Muslims infiltrated, incited and beguiled the real indigenous Muslim Bengolis and that struggle continues as the children of those Hindu traitors continue to spread bloodshed inside Bangladesh.

          I would prefer you read Sarmila Bose “dead reckoning” as a Kashmiri have the highest regard for Pakistan, it’s founding fathers, our provinces, people and beloved armed forces and our collective history since the birth of civilisations living along the great Indus Valley.

          I could not care a rats ass about India or the fork tongued back stabbing back biting venomous dirty unclean NaPak Hindus of India. I would refuse to give you a second opinion until I see Kashmir free and this is my god given right as a Kashmiri to claim this and not for you a Hindu who has nothing to do with Kashmir.

          I wish your kind would take your shit and leave Kashmir, polluting it, making it unclean alike most Hindu cesspit cities. Yes I have been to India and NO I had zero affiliation for your backward cultures, langapuages, faiths known as Hinduism and I only appreciated my Islamic history a legacy that is part of you and not visa vi, your not a part of me.

          I have no malice towards Indians but neither any love or respect so I repeat Indon’t give a rats ass about you.

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            Apologies my Android predictive text can be an absolute pain..

            You Aseem are a product of the Dirty Plains of the LOWER GANGES.

            A dirty water that was pure until your kind began multiplying along it with your dirty practices and culture.

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            millions killed and raped is again a propaganda. i am giving the website and check for yourself how many have died in Kashmir since 1988. In last 26 years with peak of insurgency in the 90s there has been 43500 deaths and that includes 6000 security forces.
            the same portal mentions 50600 deaths in pakistan including 5500 security forces but in a period of just 11 years. In Kashmir only non-muslims have been displaced and not a single muslim. If there was any atrocity kashmiris would have gone to Pakistan as Rohingya muslims and Bangladeshi muslims flocked to India when there were atrocities on them. Please get your facts right.

            Its very obvious from the language one uses that who is filled with hatred and what kind of upbringing one has got. You may be a kashmiri who assumes that other kashmiris on indian side are enslaved and starved and waiting to be free and join pakistan. you are grossly mistaken. Indian kashmiris are rich, have progressed and contributing to India’s growth. Their per capita GDP is far higher than Pakistan, not to mention the Pak Occupied Kashmir. Other than Pak infiltrated terrorists the Kashmir is different. they are happy in their democratic processes. Alas, Pakistan hates to see kashmiris live happily and peacefully in India. And not all indians are hindus and india is not a hindu nation. We are a secular nation with 20 crores muslims. Proud to say there are more muslims in india than the hole of Pakistan. Sharmila Bose must have taken the facts from PoK. She should know that in 1965 and 1999 Kargil it were kashmiri muslims who alerted indian armed forces of pakistani intrusions. its the kashmiri muslims who go to indian army whenever they detect an infiltration. Kashmiri muslims have been systematically killed by the pakistani terrorists for vociferously supporting India. When we talk to kashmiri muslims they say they are forced to nod with militants when they are in kashmir or else their families would be killed. Same had happenned during khalistan insurgency. Years of insurgency and terrorism has made kashmiris suffer from “stockholm syndrom”.

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    One crook trying to outwit and hoodwink the people with help of the other crook; Both are rascals and cheats; both are after money; one is a technical thief and the other is a pick pocket

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    pakistan is salves of americans .They have a right to do anything with pakistanis.Who want separate safe country like Bangladesh give your views.Other stupids shut there mouth.

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