‘Pathankot Attack – Deja Vu All Over Again


After witnessing the Pathankot episode while reading the news, reviewing the responses, alarms and a familiar environment of a xenophobia created by the people with mics and cameras sitting in Delhi and Mumbai and getting patted on the backs by the hands in the power structure, only startling thought which comes in mind after a rare glare on the details is a sense of déjà vu. One just can’t resist this preliminary reaction. It’s so robust and evident that something acquainted is occurring all over again, though not isolated, from the moment the curtain lifts every single act becomes part of a distinctive yet repetitive absolute pattern of something familiar, something known, something sinister. Despite all the continuous boredom it has more to it than what meets the eye.

It becomes really thought-provoking if one sits down and starts slicing up the layers one by one and attempt to analyze any of the dozens of recent “terror attack” on Indian Soil, even on slightest level of details everything is so boringly monotonous and overly repeated that one can’t just stop yawning. Leave the past for little while and just start from revising Mumbai Attacks, Gurdaspur shootout and now the PathanKot Break-in, what are the common features? Ok let’s try to break it down. First, you will find reports regarding bunch of people roaming around with automatic weapons firing haphazardly here and there than for a moment or two same “terrorists” will look for their five minutes of fame on live TV and look for the ways to give a glimpse of pretty little faces of theirs on any random camera just for the sake of latter identification. Then they will stutter somewhere in between all the mayhem may be for snack and call their relatives back home to be sure 5 PM tea is served properly and everyone from neighborhood is attending. Pardon the sarcasm but that’s what it all entices, by the look of it, it seems that perhaps it is Ajit Doval who co-writes their stupidest satellite soap serials.

Indian media’s launch of spontaneous outcry just moments after any such Incident of an alleged “Pakistan sponsored terrorist attack” is also quite entertaining to say the least. Like a written script they start reciting their dialogues. They try to harness dramatic situations from seemingly dead scenarios with little improvisation, like adding third rate suspense sound effects in back ground pretending to be delivering live drama from ground zero and more often than not filling in gaps in the script and attempted tying of the loose ends with their overly active pathetic imaginations by trying to play James Bond on live TV. It’s remarkable “the way” one of them “ingeniously” tracked Dawood Ibrahim on a live broadcast by merely making a phone call, leaving J Edgar Hoover looking like a restless clown in his grave. Too bad he wasn’t working for CNN otherwise CIA’s OBL desk would’ve been out of work much earlier with lesser retirement benefits. Switch on any Indian channel after “terror attacks” like this one, you will find gasping anchors, cocky onsite correspondent, sweaty specialists answering same old pointy questions leading to already known allegation based conclusions. But one has to admit, despite being all their comical behavior, theatrics and utter moron-ism Indian media is more loyal to their state than the big faction of so called free media of Pakistan which spends more air time on celebrity weddings and divorces than debating objectively on national security issues.

Why it trades in India? Why most Indian people buy it? Answers are quite simple, a country in which huge number of people still live in illusion of development having hundreds of millions of hungry illiterates surrounded by an overly self-obsessed so called literate society which is cinema addicted and has left a daunting reflective impact on their lives, live drama sells more than anything and when someone spices it up with presence of arch rival he will end up transfusing every single man with his own illusive nemesis. Hence generating overwhelming sense of real life theatricality and don’t forget the fact that usage of theatricality and deception is the keenest known state tool to keep the masses intoxicated, whether its display is in the ancient colosseums of ancient Rome or in the courts of Versailles or in streets of Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, every imperial state thriving on differences and confrontation historically applied theatrics to reap deceptions and yielding a false picture.

Same two points of theatricality and deception are the corner stones of Indian state policy originating from Arthshastar, the unholy bible of Indian scavenging. An ancient scripture lined out by Chanakya Kautilya, the controversial deceptive advisor and chief architect of Chandargupt Moriya and Ashoka’s bloody feasts who’s very ashes even thousands of years after being cremated still serve as  a major political ideal of many of founding fathers of Indian Establishment including Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Indian national Emblem “Drama chakra” is a tribute to the man, so is the Indian foreign policy and the means to achieve its objectives. This Chanakya Methodology is quite evident over the pages of antiquity which are visible through naked eyes. Profoundly laced evidence of such cunning behavior can be traced in acts like landing troops in Srinagar over a fabricated agreement in 1947. Similar approach was more than clearer in “Non alignment” Monkey Moves of PM Nehru in 50s and early 60s. Agartala Conspiracy was another attempt to implement same hegemonic agenda which led to its damning lows when Indian establishment decided to harbor cross border terrorism in East Pakistan by blooming Mukti bahani hence taking advantage of a neighbor’s internal socio-political turmoil and ultimately ending up playing significant part in dismembering a sovereign nation then latter shamelessly accepting the awards for such endeavors. Moreover, since 80s executing series of childish false flag ops to defame an indigenous Kashmiri freedom movement and blaming the load on Pakistan is another of such policies.

Message from Pakistan should be firm. It should be clear. India should be reminded that far cries of insanity must be stopped. Pakistan is the actual victim of Indian terrorism and despite all the peace poses, charm offensives and birthday cakes if they still are willing for another backstab while looking for an excuse to start another large scale confrontation they should remember the fact that like the last time whenever we decide to pay a visit to Pathankot airbase, it will be on a sunny day, it will be painted in green and white and then on a clear day we will make it rain.

Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at m.ahson.malik@gmail.com

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  1. Slumdogs are a nation of idiots. That is unmistakenly evident from the Indian electronic media coverage in the wake of militant attack on one of their airbases. I just happened to surf ToI news page and clicked on the headline news. Well, it was labeled as ‘Live Blog’ on Pathankot ‘terrorist attack’. Weird enough, on the top of the blog page was the TV streaming, I don’t know from which TV channel though, showing a live talk show. It was a really strange talk show. The host of the show was a semi-retard who kept talking continuously. There were six other guests, two of them from Pakistan. The Indian guests and their idiot host kept talking simultaneously (some times three of them cross talking) basically bashing Pakistan, insulting the two Pakistani guests, and abusing Pakistani people. These idiots were so emotionally charged that they seemed having lost all norms and sanity. The host, for example, would yell at a Pakistani guest, taunt at him with a question, and then keep bashing and insulting him without giving him a chance to answer his question. If asked by the guest to give a chance to respond, this idiot host would resume yelling and telling that he would ‘reveal all the facts’ and would repeatedly challenge the guest to either accept or deny those ‘facts’ (which were indeed his blatant lies and idiotic fabrications), again without giving a chance to the gust to respond. I have seen many idiot slumdogs but these four are probably the biggest ones. We Pakistanis have faced real terrorist attacks (contrary to this self staged drama attack) on our airbases, offices, markets, and schools. We have never fallen to disgrace. Famous saying is that one really exposes one’s reality in the time of crisis. I am sure all Indian TV channels must be showing similar mad slumdogs barking non-sense against Pakistan. Looking and comparing how the hell these slumdogs have fallen to disgrace, Pakistanis indeed stand real tall as a nation with integrity, dignity, courage, moral, and self-respect. We might be smaller country but we are a much bigger and solid nation.

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