Pathankot Airbase Attack: Another False Flag?


This is not the first time that Indian media and their analysts have reacted absurdly to a terror attack. It has become a standardized practice of our neighbouring country to put the blame on Pakistan as soon as they hear any news of mishap. Many such allegations of terror attacks on Pakistan have ultimately proven to be a false flag.

There was a number of attacks took place on Indian military in neighbouring areas of Pathankot. In most of these incidents attackers were wearing army fatigues. On friday, five gunmen in army uniform hijacked a vehicle of a senior police officer. The vehicle was later found abandoned on Pathankot-Jammu highway. Apparently the pathankot attack and snatching of police vehicle are interconnected. The question here is that why there wasn’t any proactive steps taken by the Indian authorities to avoid  the Pathankot attack.

According to reports, the vehicle carrying gunmen easily entered the boundaries of Pathankot airbase without any confrontation with the guards. The entrance barriers of Airbase was removed exclusively for the vehicle to enter. This either indicates the deficiency in operational capability of Indian military, or this attack was just an addition in the list of Indian false flags.

As Pathankot is close to India’s border with Pakistan (Probably this is the only reason Indian has blamed Pakistan), It is also on the highway that connects India’s insurgency wracked Jammu and Kashmir state with the rest of the country. Jammu and Kashmir is the most militarized zone of the world, where Kashmiri people have been fighting for their freedom for almost six decades.

Furthermore, Indian Punjab is also facing a throttle in struggle by the Sikh community against the Indian state. Alike the people of Kashmir, Sikh community has also been demanding for separation from India.

In such a scenario, It would be better for Indian media to highlight the operational and tactical deficiencies of Indian forces in countering insurgency rather blaming Pakistan for every next attack. To avoid such attacks it is also necessary for the Indian authorities to work for the solution of Kashmir issue as per the will of people of Kashmir. In addition, the grievances of Sikh community also need to be heard.

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