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So the hand wringing, as expected, has started, but to me, as callous as it may sound, this reminds me of Macbeth’s wailing after Duncan’s murder. No, Americans were not directly involved in the Paris mayhem and while it may be fit and proper to call it a tragedy, a great tragedy, and refer to the victims as innocents, and offer condolences, sincere condolences, but didn’t the US know that this would happen. With all their snoops and all their secretive high tech listening devices or just plain common sense – no need for Ivy League grads here – they must have known that the US, and their friends by association, will reap what the US has sown. The chickens always come home to roost. In today’s interconnected world, is anybody really innocent of the crimes of others?In the “new normal” are not we are all guilty by association?

And how is this tragedy different from the bloodletting of the Rohingyas in Burma at the hands of the oh so peaceful Buddhist Monks which continued until their blood lust was satiated; or the recent killing of the Syrian refugees in their camps in Iran or those in Yemen and of the tragedy of the bombings of the Hospitals run by Medicine Sans Frontier. Oh, thosewere overtaken by fresh tragedies occurring daily. You want my empathy on the Paris tragedy? Answer me this, why is the handwringing so muted when the tragedy befalls the others?

I am no Sufi saint living in a cave or a Monk chanting mantras on a hill top. Neither do I think that wearing flowers on your head and singing “let it be” is going to solve these problems. I live in the real world and face real issues on a daily basis that restricts my rights to free movement, association and even to transfer funds. And I loudly proclaim from my anthill that there has to be an understanding, a realization of inclusiveness as opposed to divisiveness at the top of the food chain. A continued pursuit of the ideology of “either you are with us or against us”would be an endorsement of Einstein’s definition of madness.

The killings at Paris are the ones before or those to come after – one does not have to be clairvoyant or prescient to realize that Paris is not the last, there will be more.Our actions for God, King and Country – and you can through in Honor there as well – predicate that there will be more. Ask the CIA, they will tell you. But these are mere eruptions of a disease which has a long history. As long as the world is divided between mine and thine and one feels that one is entitled, no, not merely entitled, but has been granted a God given right, to protect one’s way of life, even if it means proactively destroying the ‘other’ and his way of life, either through proxies or by direct intervention, such eruptions will not only continue but become bigger and more horrific because both sides have the tools of war and the merchants of death are raking it in big time. The great progress in the world of cyberspace has acted as a leveler of sorts between the haves and the have-nots in the world of murder and mayhem.

The fires of Baghdad have not been extinguished, they are merely smoldering and now the flames are lapping atthe walls of Damascus and who knows where they will flare up next – Tehran, Riyadh.It is not anybody’s guess. People are hard at work in the basement at Langley.

It is good to be security conscious, to lock your door and close your windows and switch on the security system because it is a tough neighborhood but when with fostering regime change at will no longer gives an adrenalin rush and a desire to change the political map of a region based on the perceived fear – no real, credible threat, no clear and present danger nor actionable intelligence – that in decades to come that region might pose a threat, becomes a be all and the end all of a nation’s raison raison d’être,then that is not just being just paranoid, that is certified madness.

If I live in a mansion I will always be afraid that the kids from the slum nearby will throw stones at my pride and joy and disrupt my way of life. Rather than putting barbed wires around the slum or using overpowering force to raze the slum, the wiser option would be to improve the slum so that its dwellers too will have something to cherish, treasure and protect.

The onus is on those who have the bigger guns, the better firepower and enough weapons of mass destruction to destroy the world several times over; they have to make the first move.

Until then wait for the next wringing of hands.



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    What a cop out…the horror that is Islamic militancy is causing problems in countries all around the world…but rather than look at the sources of fanatic radicalization that come from radical Islamic beliefs?…the author simply uses veiled references to the west attempting to blame outsiders for the problems of the Muslim world which have been created by Muslims themselves…somehow we are supposed to believe that if the west did not exist there would be no turmoil in the Muslim world?…excuse me?…muslims are killing Muslims in Muslim countries and only fools will blame the west for this development…when will Muslims admit there is a problem with the religion that causes radicals to think that killing innocent people they consider to be infidels will bring them closer to God?…

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    While these terrorist attacks in Paris should be condemned by every sane human being, one must not forget real criminal masterminds who actually created, organized, trained, and fully supported these monstrous ISIS in Iraq-Syria region. And those criminals are none other than the very agencies of world powers whose leaders are now shamelessly and hypocritically vowing to track down the terrorists behind these attacks. W ell if you want to punish the real culprits and terror masterminds behind these attacks, start by arresting the serving and retired generals (of western countries) who trained and supported these terrorists of ISIS. Those mastermind are equally, if not more, to be blamed for the killings of so many innocent people. After all, these idiot terrorists are merely the hired killers and foot soldiers of those terror masterminds.

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      You are making false assertions…the west did not create radical Islamic militant terrorists…radical Muslims created Islamic militant terrorists…then they named themselves al Qaeda, Taliban or ” the Islamic State”…but Muslims who do not want to believe that Muslims could be killing other Muslims in Muslim countries go into denial of what radical Islam has spawned…it is easier to just blame the west for the problems within Islam that Muslims cannot seem to solve…

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    Muslims are killing each other for centuries, what’s new about it?
    Both Beirut and Istanbul attack happened on Muslims land. None of the business of rest of the world.
    If Muslims can’t behave like civilised people why should the civilised world care about them. If you are happy to kill each like savages , go on, we don’t care.
    and Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew, why a Jew would care if you guys can’t live peacefully with each other.

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