Palestinian’s killing termed an execution


RAMALLAH: On Friday, in the occupied West Bank, an Israeli official shot and killed a Palestinian who was thought to be preparing an attack. The Palestinians called this an execution.

A colleague overpowered the man after he allegedly stabbed and lightly wounded an Israeli border policeman. The border police said in a statement that the Palestinian then got into a fight with the other policeman and tried to steal his rifle before the other officer shot him.

According to the Palestinian foreign ministry, it amounted to an execution designed to escalate violence that was already on the rise in the territory.

A photo of a policeman who appeared to have been stabbed in the head and a knife on the ground were distributed by border police.

A social media video showed a man being held in a headlock by an Israeli policeman while two other men attempted to wrestle him away.

The man then appears to strike the officer and make an attempt to grab his rifle, but the officer shoots him multiple times as he falls to the ground with a handgun.

Source: Reuters

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