Pakistan’s Honour is at Stake


Kulbhushan Jadhav who was an Indian born national got arrested by the Government of Pakistan on March 3rd, 2016 .This episode happened when he was trying to cross over Iranian border in order to enter Pakistan. He was suspected of manipulating Baloch dissidents in order to penetrate violent activities explicitly in Karachi and Baluchistan.

Later in a video which was released by Inter Services Public Relations, he introduced himself as a current serving officer in Indian Navy and overtly confessed to his alleged involvement in undermining the political structure and planning plus promoting subversive activities in order to destabilize the political system. During his imprisonment he made confessional statements regarding his direct involvement in provoking hybrid war in Pakistan.

This confession quickly gained national and international attention and was considered as a hotly-debated topic with undividable opinions of experts while on the other side, despite all the evidences and proofs India continuously denied any associations or links with him or his doings .Instead they blamed the Pakistani mainstream media for launching false propaganda against India in order to internationally ruin their image. Soon the matter went under the cover because of implicit or unspoken reasons.

It was only after the recent announcement of sentencing KJ that Indian newspapers came out with headlines which promoted Kulbhushan Jadhav as an innocent Indian naval officer and his abduction was asserted as plotted scheme by Armed forces of Pakistan. To top it all off , Indian officials also threatened over this matter. For instance, India’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Suraj openly endorsed him as the son of Indian nation and threatened that his capital punishment can elevate tensions between India and Pakistan. This explains well Indian’s understanding of the fact that Kulbhushan Jadhav is an important person to them, whom they cannot afford to lose.

If one looks through history he can without a doubt comprehend that in past many a times Indians granted death penalties to those Pakistanis who were innocent let alone the ones who were caught during a criminal activity. The question that arises here is that if they have nerves to take such steps then what is stopping us?

My own point of view on this matter is that, Kulbhushan Jadhav is not only a spy but a proven terrorist and killer who sponsored terrorism on our land. Moreover, it will be the first  time in history of Pakistan that any Indian spy will be executed seeing that previously caught scouts were often released as a goodwill gesture .Still if GOP prefers stillness and silence  over this subject  then it is going to be  an immense negligence on their part.

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