This Pakistani Trader is a Top Exporter at One of the Largest Chinese Ports


In 2015, the Guangdo province in China accounted for more than $1.02 trillion in exports all over the world. Its no surprise that China has been consistently ranked high in exporting countries.

But did you know what comes as a surprise? A Pakistani trader is also part of the reason why Guangdo is regarded as one of the most export-oriented regions in China.

Meet Haji Fida Hussain from Guangdou, China

A business tycoon based in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdou province, Haji Fida Hussain is one of the most experienced foreign traders in the province and has been doing business since the last 30 years. He is the Pakistani business community leader in Guangzhou and was selected by his peers because of his immense knowledge about China and the trading business.

Although he trades with people all over the world, most of his customers are from Africa. He also claims the quality of his exports to be better than any other exporting business in Guangdo province.

Haji’s son is now taking over his business, with he himself retiring due to his age.

Majority of Pakistani students and professionals seek out opportunities abroad as the conditions are not favorable for their particular business or industry they belong to. The government is too busy covering for themselves after the Panama leaks, albeit unsuccessfully, to focus on developing better business opportunities and economic conditions which are not favorable for doing business.

That is not to say that starting a business is impossible in Pakistan, but more needs to be done. Pakistan’s entrepreneurial scene is thriving despite limited support. And then we have people like Haji Fida Hussain abroad who earn respect for Pakistan and make us proud.

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