Pakistani student develops a device that helps people with visual impairment walk


A Pakistani student from Peshawar has developed a device that helps people with visual impairment walk.

The device, Sonic Eye, includes a white stick which has a navigation device attached along with a sensor that buzzes each time it detects an object in close proximity.

The student behind the device, Hafsa Jamal, stated that she is also preparing a mobile app which would help the visually impaired navigate using their phone instead of a stick altogether.

Late last year, students from Karachi University developed several applications for Android and websites. One of the projects displayed was a website DockKnock developed by Mehak Shakeel and Nashra Ghauri, which enables patients to contact doctors online regarding whichever disease or illness they are suffering from.

Jamal also wants to eventually place such navigational devices on items used in the daily life; currency notes, cameras to help identify any and every obstacle.


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