This Pakistani restaurant hosted lunch for its staff on May Day and won hearts all over


Also known as International Workers’ Day, the first day of May intends to celebrate the efforts of those unsung heroes who we often forget. A restaurant in Pakistan decided to revisit the core meaning of this day, and ended up setting a great example in the process.  The Hot-N-Spicy chain posted a video on their official Facebook page where one can see how the owners turned the tables, and decided to host an honorary lunch for the waiters, workers, managers, delivery boys, cooks and the other staff of the restaurant on Labour Day.

Umair Khan, the CEO of the place stated that the lunch was a small gesture to remind the staff how they are extremely valuable to the management. In the video, he can also be seen personally serving food to the staff.


May Day is one of those rare occasions that celebrates and honours workers. But over the years the meaning and the significance of the day has diminished greatly. What once symbolised the struggle of the labour class and their ultimate triumph, has now become a meaningless public holiday.  But this rare initiative by the restaurant has definitely proved a point.










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