Pakistani IT Pioneer Wins Distinguished Eisenhower Fellow Award 2016


Dr. Shahid Mahmud, CEO of Interactive group which is a major ICT company in Pakistan, has received a “Distinguished Fellow Award 2016”, awarded by Eisenhower Fellowships.

It’s an annual recognition of an Eisenhower Fellow who has made significant contributions to their field of work and to the nearly 1,500 strong, Eisenhower Fellow (EF) global network.

Dr. Shahid went to the U.S on his Eisenhower Fellowship in 2001. Christine Whitman, chairman of the executive committee of the EF Board of Trustees added:

“His deep sense of service is equaled only by his boundless generosity and his commitment to collaborating with others to help better society, we celebrate his dedication to enriching our world and the EF network by finding new paths to confront new and daunting challenges.” – Christine Whitman


His Contributions

Dr. Shahid is one of the people whose company was behind the development of Pakistan’s Telecom, wireless, IT and Media infrastructure, as well as serving on several different federal committees. He was part of the committee tasked with creating and implementing the IT and telecom policy of the country.

He also happens to be a philanthropist working with community service and youth-oriented projects. He also played a major role in shaping a disaster emergency plan during the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake. The good doctor has also worked together with another EF from Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, to extend the work of Indus Hospital based in Karachi.

“Dr. Shahid Mahmud is an extraordinary leader, a visionary innovator who represents the best of Eisenhower Fellowship. He is a leader among leaders, a passionate advocate of the power of people of good faith working together to replace confrontation with understanding,” – George de Lama, president of Eisenhower Fellowships

Pakistan may be in a dire state of affairs but the efforts of people such as Dr. Shahid Mahmud show that there are always people who are doing a lot of good for this country, and improving our image in the eyes of the world.

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