Pakistani Photographer Tariq Hameed Sulemani Won Best of Nation Award 2019


There is one more moment of pride and honor for the Pakistanis. The man behind the lens Tariq Hameed Suleimani has won the title of being the best wildlife photographer at World Photographic Cup 2019. People usually think that by just buying an expensive camera and holding it properly can make them a great photographer. The story is different Photography needs a great deal of perfection. It is how you see the things and then presents them before the people the way they inspire you. The photographers need an eye to appreciate. In today’s world, nothing is away from the lens. From the innocent child to the flying birds camera can click everything. Nature has always been a great inspiration for the people.

Tariq Hameed born in a small village near Multan grew up with the passion of nature. He loved to explore the unseen beauty. The lush green lands, the high mountains always inspired him. This inspiration took him between the worlds of the wide. This passion took him to the photography cup. The forum is organized for those who want to see the world through the lens. The organizers intend to capture the moments that have a universal theme. They work not merely for photography but for the love, peace, and friendship.

Tariq Hameed captured the wildlife beauty of the motherland and presented before the world. The photographs told the world that Pakistan is a wonder of nature. He captured the animals so wisely and creatively that left everyone in a surprise. His contribution earned him fame and made the world realize that Pakistan is a must visit the country. Although Tariq believes that less is done in the country for the wildlife but he thinks that through such forums he can attract more wildlife lovers to Pakistan. The nation congratulates him for this achievement and wishes him all the best.


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