Pakistani made traditional rickshaws being exported to Japan


ISLAMABAD: Japan exports cars to Pakistan but now it is the other way around as a Pakistani company has started exporting its three-wheeler rickshaws to Japan.

A local Pakistani company Sazgar Engineering, a private manufacturer of 4 Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaws and Automotive has been exporting its famous rickshaws to the Japanese markets.

Despite, a strong industrial base and a thriving automobile industry, Japan would import Pakistani traditional rickshaws as its citizens use them for fun and leisure purposes.

According to the Sales Head of Sazgar Engineering Mr Ismail, Pakistan’s traditional, colourful truck and vehicle art is famous worldwide.

The locally manufactured rickshaws are famous in Japan for the similar appeal.

He said that Japanese are extremely careful with road safety.

So apparently these rickshaws do comply with their standards.

That is why it is road legal, can go on highways.

Actually, it is the only three-wheeler in the history of Japan to be allowed on Japanese highways, he added.

“Our engines conform all laws, rules and regulations of the government of Pakistan.”

“These vehicles are supposed to cruise at 50km/hour,” he added. For years, Pakistan has been importing automobiles from Japan.

Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Nissan have become household names, not just in Pakistan but across the world.

Pakistani rickshaws are small and colourful vehicles and could prove useful for commuting in narrow streets of the country.

Japanese have been using rickshaws for travelling short distances, he added.

Responding to a question, he said automobile industry needed to capitalise on rickshaw market and expand its export.

The appeal and quality of the vehicles should be maintained and improved for the growth of the market.










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