This Pakistani Helped Feed 6,000 Americans Affected by Floods


Pakistani-Americans have always been generous when it comes to helping the community in times of need. One such hero is the owner of a Pakistani Restaurant known as “Chatkhara Grill” in Houston, Texas.

Last month, Texas was hit by the deadly Hurricane Harvey which led to widespread destruction. Many areas were flooded and about 100cm of rain was recorded in those areas. Not only that, more than 30,000 people living in these areas had to bear hardships and evacuate their homes.

Out of these 30,000, around 17,000 were saved and were provided with shelters.

Syed Amir, the owner of “Chatkhara Grill”, played a major role in helping many of these rescued people. His restaurant prepared free food for the people who had been rescued but were going hungry.

Around 6,000 of the rescued people were provided with free food which was distributed to them in lunch boxes. The lunch boxes contained items like biryani and naans – the specialty of Pakistani food.

The distribution was made easier by the National Guard as it was conducting rescue missions around Texas.

The marvelous contribution made by Syed Amir is an excellent example of how the Pakistanis living abroad go above and beyond when it comes to helping the people around them and their communities.







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