Pakistani goods have great potential in Australia


LAHORE: All efforts would be made to enhance bilateral trade, Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson said while speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

She underlined the need for boosting trade relations between Australia and Pakistan as the meagre volume of bilateral commerce did not reflect the cordial ties between them.

She said power generation, agriculture, livestock, sports goods, information technology, health and education were the key sectors wherein Pakistani businessmen could take advantage of Australian technological advancements to play their role in economic turnaround of the country.

The high commissioner said, “Pakistan could avail Australian expertise in vocational training as Australian vocational training modules are the best in the world.”

She stressed the need for frequent exchange of business delegations so that both the sides could have first-hand knowledge of the available opportunities.

She called Pakistani goods among the best in the world that had a huge potential in the Australian market.

Speaking on the occasion, LCCI President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad said the scenario in Pakistan was not as bad as portrayed in the international media and the country had become a safe zone because of joint efforts of the government and armed forces.

He said Pakistan was blessed with extensive natural resources, including oil and gas reserves, the fourth-largest coal reserves and immense potential for hydropower production. Additionally, Pakistan offers marvellous opportunities to Australian businessmen.

LCCI Vice President Nasir Saeed said business houses like the Lahore Chamber and chambers of commerce and industry in Australia could also play a vital role in enhancing trade ties between the two countries.

Trade fairs, single-country exhibitions as well as exclusive country weeks could be arranged on a reciprocal basis to achieve the goal.

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