Pakistan will play its due role for peace in Afghanistan: Asif responds to Ghani’s overture


A day after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered an olive branch to Pakistan, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said on Saturday Islamabad  is willing to join hands with Kabul to see peace and stability in the region.

“Pakistan’s position in the context of Afghanistan is very clear… we want to see peace and stability in Afghanistan and for that Pakistan will contribute and play its due role in all the initiatives taken to that end,”Asif was quoted as saying by the Foreign Office.

“We already have bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral and multilateral mechanisms for dialogue and interaction with Afghanistan in place,” he added.

“Those mechanisms should be utilised to their full potential and during our interactions, of late, both sides recognised the need for cooperation,” the foreign minister said.

Ghani has expressed willingness to revive the Quadrilateral Coordination Group, thanks to months long diplomatic efforts by Pakistan.

Ghani’s Friday statement – that “peace with Pakistan is our national agenda” – is expected to be followed by a meeting of the group to discuss the strategy to hold talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.

Diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been rocky in the past few months. The relationship took a downward trajectory after Ghani blamed Pakistan of allowing terrorist activities against Afghanistan from its soil.









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