Pakistan voices concern over victimisation of women in Palestine, Kashmir


Federal Minister for  Human Rights Dr. Shrieen M Mazari addressed the 49th session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Security Council.

The Minister said that‘ Women in “ Palestine and Kashmir “ continue to be victim of brutal occupations yet the occupiers are pure from global scrutiny.She added that State mecca patronized Islamophobia persist while revolutionist testaments are on the rise’.

She added, structural excrescencies in global profitable governance continue to hamper introductory Human Rights, she added.
The minister said this Council must redouble its sweats to respond meaningfully to these challenges’.

‘We’re gravely concerned over deteriorating Human Rights situation in Indian Immorally Enthralled Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and constitute willful resistance by India of UN Charter and 4th Geneva Convention’, Mazari added.

The global state of Human Rights moment presents a sobering picture, despite covenants, mechanisms and advocacy, for decades important countries have suppressed Human Rights and tromped abecedarian freedoms’.

She said BJP government is pursuing a Hindutva policy Indian colors are resorting to inhuman atrocities to suppress the independence movement. The Indian Army is using rape as a armament of war, adding that Indian Army enjoys all kinds of impunity for atrocities in Kashmir. The Indian government isn’t giving access to transnational media neutral spectators in IIOJK despite clear substantiation, no action was taken against any Indian dogface. India should give media and transnational spectators access to Kashmir.

The minister said that Council should impel India to withdraw its unilateral move of August 5. An independent commission of inquiry should be formed into mortal rights violations in Kashmir and a fresh report on mortal rights violations in Kashmir should be published.

Mazari said that there are enterprises over mortal rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir Enwrapping forces are changing the proportion of population in IIOJK. She said India has issued fireside to 4 million non-Kashmiris, adding that these way by India are an attempt to turn Kashmiris into a nonage on their soil.

The BJP government is pursuing a policy of genocide of Kashmiris.

She said government has enforced a zero forbearance policy on violence and exploitation, adding that legislation on anti-corruption and anti-rape suits were done.

She said first National Action Plan was launched on Human Rights in Business. She said that way have been taken to give free health care to the citizens to make Pakistan a weal state.

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