Pakistan; The Sleeping Tiger



Pakistan does not know its strength. However, its enemies know it well.

This country, with its significant geo-strategic location, its nuclear power, its great past and present thinkers and visionaries, its idealistic youth, its brave army and highly reputed intelligence services, its huge population of simple, friendly and tolerant Muslims, it’s very positive image in the eyes of Muslim countries, its people’s aspirations of dignity and self-reliance; all this is an explosive mix for many who do not want power in the hands of the people.

We are a very young country, and idealism, instead of dying out with growing age, has been reborn in us. The drone attacks and bomb blasts have united us and made lives more precious, ethnic divisions have made all our Pakistani brothers dearer to us, the sectarian fighting has given us a broader vision of Islam and made us value all Muslims more. The oppression of minorities, the corruption of the elite class, the inept judicial system, all have reminded us to follow the pure ways of Allah and His Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them). Thus, our enemies, despite inflicting painful losses, are clearly failing.

All Pakistanis, especially the more well-informed ones, know very well that this great country is standing at the brink of an abyss. The war of imperialism started long ago within our borders: buying up people in power, supporting those who loot the country, demonizing Pakistan while hitting hard below the belt, playing with terrorists as suit their agendas, buying up mainstream media, and through all this, letting the country’s infrastructure go to rot.

We all know this. There is nothing new here. What can be new, what can be a game-changer, is for the God-fearing people and patriots who might win these elections to UNITE for the common good of Pakistan. To make watan ki mitti (soil of the Nation) and the motherland, and not party politics,a priority. To unite their voters in the interest of Pakistan’s welfare. To put their heads together and to work out a strategy which can be an example to all struggling countries. To put the best minds and most honest people to work. To punish quickly and severely any who are out of line. To work fearlessly and tirelessly, thinking of it as a mission to save Pakistan, inshaAllah, if Allaah wills).

All who live as second-rate citizens and expats outside Pakistan know the sweetness of the air of one’s own land. Sitting far away, one knows how precious Pakistan is in every way. And considering our leaders, who suck and drain the country every chance they get, one says that yes, they are Pakistani, but ONLY by their passports.

It may not be very obvious to those who live within the country, but many great names have fallen and are falling today. The Pakistan of today could easily be Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Somalia tomorrow. Many of us could be living with our children in camps in a few years, or dead under the rubble of our houses, just like many others. Can we stop that from happening? Can we learn a lesson in time?

Look at today. Iran does not have nuclear weapons, but the entire world is out to get it, and it is under sanctions already. Is it possible that Pakistan will be left alone when it HAS one? Never! The enemies of Pakistan are hard at work, and in various ways.

There is misinformation and infiltration everywhere. The country does not need freedom fighters and liberators (which may enter under this pretext for their own agendas). It needs wise and honest governance. It needs accountability for all and severe penalties for nepotism. It very much needs an honest and muttaqi (God-fearing) army. It needs looking out for the common Pakistani who has no sifaarish (favoritism).

Peace, justice and progress in all sectors will automatically solve problems and unify the country irrespective of all divisions, and miscreants who only want trouble will then be obvious to all. In the same way as it has been the first among Muslim countries with its nuclear power, so let Pakistan be the first with exemplary and honest governance in the current stage of world affairs.

The time has come to do things differently now, or become history. The good thing is that there may be still time.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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