Pakistan tests multi-launch rocket system


Pakistan on Thursday successfully tested an indigenously developed extended-range guided Multi-Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), while announcing the successful test flight of Fatah-1 (guided multi-launch rocket system), said the new weapon system would give the Army “capability of precision target engagement deep in enemy territory”.

Fatah-1 can carry the conventional warhead and it has a range of 140 kilometres.

Defence analyst Syed Muhammad Ali said the new system was very fast, accurate, survivable, and difficult to intercept.

The guided MLRS was primarily developed to hit targets without leaving behind the unexploded ordnance. The extended range guided MLRS is a developed variant of the guided MLRS family usually with an extended range of up to 150km.

The development of a conventional system by Pakistan seems to be a response to the Indian focus on the development of its conventional capabilities, besides improving response options to India’s Cold Start Doctrine.

“President, Prime Minis­ter of Pakistan, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and COAS have congratulated participating troops and scientists on the successful conduct of flight test,” the ISPR said.


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