Mujahid Force of Pakistan Army shots down Indian Spy Drone



Bhimber – Mujhahid force of Pakistan Army shot down Indian spy drone on Monday near Bhimber, Azad Kashmir, reported.

According to information, on Monday morning Mujhahid force shot down Indian spy drone with the single shot of G3 rifle.

Sources said that drone was shot down in the area of Bhimber, Azad Kashmir.

Remotely piloted vehicle RPV (spy drone) shot down with single fire.

Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) personnel on Wednesday resorted to unprovoked firing and mortar shelling across the Working Boundary in Sialkot’s Bajwat sector, according to a Punjab Rangers spokesperson.

On the other hand Indian security forces personnel restored unprovoked firing on Wednesday near the Sialkot Bajwat sector. Indian Border Security forces also used mortar shells.

Punjab Rangers spokesperson told that no casualties have been reported so far. Pakistan forces retaliated after the unprovoked firing from Indian side.

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