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  کٹتا ہے جسم جس کا بھی تکلیف ایک ہے
میرے لہو کا رنگ بھی تیرے لہو سا ہے

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Pakistan a war torn country throughout stands with those countries who are suffering or previously suffered from terrorists attacks because we know the pain of loosing the loved ones in these tragic incidents. We lost Thousands of our citizen in Suicide bombings, Target killings, sectarian killings, or in other massacres because, we absolutely understand the pain of loosing our loved one’s. We are in state of war since decades and offered blood of our soldiers and citizens yet we still labeled as Terrorist Country/ Nation. We cleared and showed from our deeds that we are Peaceful country, we do not desire violence moreover strongly condemn atrocities across the globe.

I want to say something to all the Paris display picture changers with due respect that why you are changing or using filter on your profile picture on this massacre? Did you set your dp in solidarity with terrorists attacks in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma? Most of the people did not changed. Especially those who are living in abroad, if you are antagonizing on Paris attacks then it’s your responsibility towards Muslim ummah that you should change your display picture in unity with Iraq and Syria, apart from Muslim they are humans too.
Does the blood of France is more valuable than our Pakistani or other Muslim blood?
Did the inhabitants of other countries changed their Profile pictures in solidarity with us? It’s an eye-opening moment, we are updating our status, tweeting, dipping our profile pictures of Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram in the flag of France, but what we will get in return? They will start to blame Muslims for this,  although it was done by those legion who aren’t humans; Indeed, it was a barbarous and coward attack, We(Pakistanis) strongly condemn with core of our heart on these types of attack whether it occurs in Non – Muslim country, we bleed same, we totally understand this catastrophic condition of France.

I am not against European countries but we have to stand against this kind of injustice with us. Nor I am against those who are changing their dp’s of France flag but did West do the same for us when daily our people murdered in streets?

If my mind try to accept the Paris attack but will also have to accept the attacks in Beirut which was occurred a day before Paris attack and in Damascus, Karachi, Nairobi. If we as a part of international community vows to never pardon the attack on Twin Towers 15 years before but we are deliberately ignoring the on-going killings, beheading in Palestine, Syria and in Iraq.

Accusing the Paris attackers will not address this issue. Terror acts or oppression occurs in any country whether it is Muslim Country or Non- Muslim country we have to condemn it in equal amount. Due to the recent tragedy, whole world started to blame the refugees but its a matter of fact that these people are the ones who left their countries due to the threats to their life and families, but world refuses to show sympathy towards them and aren’t ready to start a trend/hashtag on thousands of killings and for their homes which were burnt in Syria and Iraq.

I am proud to be a Pakistani and proud of My Nation, My nation who always stands with everyone against injustice and brutal killing of Humans not only Muslims. We do not have double standards. Additionally, I admire Pakistanis for exhibiting concern over tragic incidents, We are strong and sensitive nation. This is called immense empathy. But show some concern towards those who are our brothers (Muslims) because We as a Muslim have to protest killings in other Muslim countries.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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