Pakistan signs agreement with Turkey to sell 52 Super Mushak basic trainers


KARACHI: Pakistan has signed an agreement with Turkey to sell 52 Super Mushak basic trainers. The final agreement was signed between firms from both countries during the ongoing defense exhibition IDEAS 2016.

Earlier in 2013, Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) announced that it had won the tender and it was in the process of finalising the sale Super Mushak to Turkey as largest export order.

This is the first time, after joining the aircraft manufacturing club, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) would export such a high number of aircraft to any other nation.

Super Mushshak is a variant upgraded version of Super Mushshak fitted with a more powerful 260 HP engine, cockpit air-conditioning, electrical instruments, and electric cum manual elevator and rudder trim. The aircraft has been developed to meet FAR part 23 certification in categories normal, utility and aerobatics

Mushshak meets the requirement of a modern primary training syllabus and is an ideal basic trainer. The aircraft is ideal for basic flight training, instrument flying, aerobatics, stalls and deliberate spins, night flying, navigation flying and formation flying.






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