Pakistan Retaliates : Indian BSF Abandoned two posts at LoC


There have been almost 70 ceasefire violations since July 2015 by India along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary. These unprovoked firings have taken place at Jandrot, Nakyal, Kotli, Charwah and Karela sectors of Pakistan and have resulted in a number of casualties.

A civilian woman was killed in cross-border shelling by the Indian army in Kashmir, in Forward Kahuta district on 14th August. Continuous Indian assaults on 15th and 16th August caused the deaths of three civilians, 55-year-old Shafi Khan, 56-year-old Shahpal Khan and Sara Khatoon in Kotli sector. After a pause of 24 hours, a civilian was again killed in Thathi Khurd village of Charwah sector.

A mortar shell which was fired the next day at Dheri Dabsi village of Nakyal sector murdered Noor Begum, a widow of 75. Adnan Khurshid, Deputy Commissioner of Kotli told media that this sector was frequently attacked with heavy and light weapons. Six people were shamelessly massacred and 27 injured in Kotli alone. The commissioner also stated that 16 houses were also were damaged.

India also blocked the mobile and telephone services in this area. In some areas the villagers evacuated the villages to save their lives from the nonstop firing from Indian side.

According to the sources, in retaliation of these numerous offenses, Pak Army intensely fired back. The retaliation was so strong that the Indian Forces not only stopped the firing but were forced to abandon their two major posts, namely Jungle Post and Forward Kabotar Post. After getting a powerful reply by Pakistani border forces the frustrated Indian Army replaced Bihar Regiment by Gorkha Regiment (India’s Special Service Forces) in this area.


India intends to launch a massive assault to capture Kopra Post.  This Kopra post is the very place from where these two Indian Posts were attacked. The frustration caused by the loss of two major posts is being expressed by continuous firing at the other posts of LoC.

Kabootar PostCapture2

In addition to all this, India plans to carry out a covert operation in Kashmir for which Parachute Regiment has already been gathered. The Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the Indian Army. Due to this alarming situation, Pakistan’s SSG (Special Service Group) units have been called in Jammu and Kashmir as well. Pakistan’s SSG Force has been listed as the best Special Forces group, ahead of units such as the US Navy SEALs and the British Special Air Service group by Business Insider Australia.

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