Pakistan only responding to Indian provocation: DG ISPR


KARACHI: Pakistan is acting responsibly despite provocations by India, Director General Inter-service Public Relation Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said on Thursday.

In a 12-minute talk over the phone with Geo News, DG ISPR spoke about the cross border fire early Thursday which martyred two Pakistan Army soldiers.

“The Indian Army opened fire at different sectors in Pakistan at 2:00 AM. The firing continued till 6:30 AM,” he said.

Denying Indian claims of a surgical strike on Pakistan, he said, “There was only one incident last night.”

He said DGMOs of both countries talked over the phone where the Indian counterpart said that they had witnessed movement at the border which they interpreted as possible infiltration. “But when we checked on the ground we found nothing of the sort.”

He said that it was unfortunate that the two DGMOs were talking to each other over the hotline, but at the same time Indian army was violating the borders.

The DG ISPR said that that India had violated the Line of Control and the ceasefire agreement.

He dismissed Indian media claims that two Indian paratroopers had entered Pakistan. “How is it possible he said. An Indian official [DGMO] held a press conference today where he made no mention of the incident. This is all a media gimmick.”

Speaking about a telephonic conversation between the Prime Minister and the Army Chief after the LoC attack, he said this a routine procedure followed every time tensions at the border escalate.

He added that the martyrdom of the two Pakistan Army soldiers will not go in vain.

Lt Gen Bajwa said that the Pakistan Army was conducting military exercises with Russia. “The world wants to learn from our experiences of fighting the War on Terror.”

Over a question about a statement by the US today calling for Pakistan to take action against organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish, he said, “This just goes on to show that the world powers do not want to nuclear power states to fight.”

He said Indian allegations over Pakistan’s involvement in the Uri attack were fabricated. “India has installed an anti-filtration grid at its side of the LoC which is three to four kilometer deep. There is also a three layer fence which would electrocute even a bird which flies past it. Apart from this they have check posts and troops on patrol. Are they trying to say all of these measures failed and infiltration occurred from across the border?”







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