Pakistan replies to India’s involvement in 1971 war


ISLAMABAD: In a statement released by the Pakistan foreign office, it was said that by admitting it’s involvement in the break up of Pakistan in 1971 India has reiterated Pakistan’s stance on the issue.

“India thinks that involvement in foreign countries’ affairs is a matter of pride. Modi’s statement is proof of India’s negative attitude towards Pakistan,” the statement said, Aaj News reported.

The foreign office said that Pakistan and Bangladesh maintain cordial relations and Modi’s statement is an attempt to estrange two friends.

A statement by the Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi has created quite a stir. At a recent visit to Bangladesh he admitted that the Indian army helped the Mukti Bahini– in their struggle against Pakistan.

In 1971, the Pakistan army surrendered 90,000 of its soldiers and Bangladesh became an independent country.

India’s support in the creation of Bangladesh was always common knowledge, but a formal statement at a two day official visit to Dhaka, drew a strong response from Pakistan.




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  1. I have said this before..

    Until your stern and posture accordingly you will have these historic beligerent enemy spawned from under the rocks of the dirty Ganges pick and prod us.

    The failure of PPP and MLN are paying dividends for India. Her prickly fingers are deep inside Pakistan hurting murdering Pakistanis through her paid proxies sadly many whom are Pakistanis killing Pakistanis. Afghan Tajiks Uzbeks killing in Pakistan.

    What drives these heartless fools to death and destruction.

    Complete blind sighted by 2 consecutive Pakistani governments and a patsy Pakistan Army over the last decade.

    Foreign money ploughing into Pakistan to buy corrupt Pakistanis in politics, media judiciary and academia.

    The money pours into the streets buying influence within certain political party political workers, street thugs and influence violent criminal gangs and the Police.

    India has declared war on Pakistan since 2002 and the seeds were planted and bare fruit with the indiscriminate killings of Pakistanis and her terror orcs working overtime to ensure chaos remains in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Then you have the CIA and Israel whose proxy which I believe is ISIS a demonic unislamic barbarous group encroaching into Afghanistan towards Pakistan. To counter them they have started it’s anti proxy led by Shia.

    It is like they have soaked the entire Muslim world in petrol and they have set it alight.

    However ultimately the real culprits are “us” who have bought into the lies the deceit the propaganda ‘s with feelings of no hope despair and a lack of opportunity it is ordinary muslims lining up to fill the ranks of “their” proxies of terror.

    What do you do when the entire house is on fire, broken.

    You board it up and begin rebuilding your home.

    This is what the Muslim world and each Muslim country must do.

    1. Stop nefarious exchanges from outside world. Keep the exchanges to a minimum.
    2. Destroy the rats lair’s and hornets nests by any means necessary.
    3. Rebuild the foundation and give the ordinary person hope and oportunity.
    4. You strengthen it’s walls (borders) and ensure your family is safe and secure again.
    4. Rebuild services give clean water, electricity, shelter and food to the home.
    5. Think only of your family your children ( your nations people). Whom you live equally and they in turn will love each other equally.
    6. Ensure the roof is secure once you have rebuilt your home.
    7. Then and only then open your door to all those around you. Rebuild paths to your neighbours. Rebuild those tracks bridges and let the gardens around you flourish.

    Right now please Think only about Pakistan as I have said we are damned if we do something for Pakistan or damned if we don’t.

    Close down MQM try their leaders for terrorism.
    Shut down their modes of communication into Pakistan from outside.
    Hang them without thinking about what will the outside world think.
    Hand over MQM to a new generation of young tenacious Pakistanis.

    Replicate this in Balochistan with the Sardars seeking to destabilise Pakistan through foreign support.

    Take the nation’s Police force to task set up an anti corruption secret Police force to close down corrupt police mafia groups.

    Build more dams and secure Pakistan from flash floods and Indian nefarious designs.

    Take the treacherous to Islam fiery Imams to task. Those who promote sectarianism have no place in Pakistan and their affiliated madras need to be shut down.

    Set up credible welfare trusts in each region district managed by credible people to support the pour and vulnerable. Help find them work and a roof over their heads. Corrupt officials who steal from the nation’s poor and vulnerable have no place in our society and should be thrown into prison for a lengthy term.

    Maintain the moratorium and expunge the terrorists murderers and rapists from our once great land.

    Invest more in your armed forces and encourage one son from each family to enlist and this goes for the elite families too.

    Education is key and I have first hand experience of Pakistanis and Indians and while both are pleasant. Pakistanis exube charisma charm and come across better.

    Pakistani IT sectors need to be invested in and certainly in Arab countries this should be our market to capitalise and penetrate into European market.

    India has done nothing extraordinary rather the West – Europe and USA have simply opened their markets to Indian services and focused on investing there to drive innovation and opportunity.

    Partly because they are still the East India Company and see the Hindu centric dominant India as a bastion for their foreign policy in the region.

    The world is bipolar and we should equally build ourselves to sell into Arab Central Asian, Chinese and Russian markets.

    We are a greater people with a richer greater history than the people of the Ganges.

    Where we lack is a stable government working for the nation as opposed to a thuggish mafia outfit working to cower and make the Pakistani people submissive.

    There is more Pakistani diaspora in Europe than Indian and why can we not learn from IT professionals, lawyers, doctors, technocrats on how to better Pakistan.

    Every large political party has a following in Europe and USA so why not use their connection to the diaspora positively.

    Fix your home Pakistan and the bad neighbours will stop trespassing.

    Ignore India historically we have “never” needed it and it has constantly worked against us and we should never offer it opportunity. India unchecked is boisterous and very aggressive and this is a Bradman or elitist Hindu nature. Box bit up in its place and they cower and pretend to be very meek and peace loving.

    Deny India access to central Asia or access to Chabahar. Their ships need to cross our waters.

    Ensure our Muslim nations support us and limit Indian influence and why should they allow Indian influence as here is a nation of right wing zealot Hindus constantly trolling the Internet defaming Islam.

    A strong Pakistan will be like a lantern to European states rushing to it.

    Build Pakistan and Shut Down Indian operations of terror inside Pakistan and do not think twice about their supporters condemning you and threatening you.

    Promote Pakistan a land if immeasurable beauty and a rich history that is ours and ours alone since the melting of the polar caps and the world saw the end of the ice age and since the dawn of civilization since the Indus Valley.

    Show your rich pre Islamic history do not shy from it and it is something Arabs do well and so should we bit equally show our rich Islamic past and present.

    When they violate the LoC with 3 guns shower them with 10 Guns and use drones to pin point ircarm them to attack.

    Take them to task over their terrorist activities and show the world the true face of the right wing Hindu.

    Support your Army and Intelligence.

    Please build Pakistan make it a fortress again.

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