Pakistan rejects Indian allegations of border infiltration attempts



ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry on Thursday rejected allegations from the Indian army that it is fighting with a large group of infiltrators on the border who trespassed into their territory from Pakistan.

An Indian general had claimed on Wednesday that their army was fighting the biggest group of infiltrators on the border who crossed the border from Pakistan.

Speaking to media personnel at the Foreign Office, Chaudhry said, “We do not accept such allegations and reject them”

He said that all outstanding issues between Pakistan and India will come under discussion during foreign secretaries level talks, scheduled to be held on August 25.

“LoC, working boundary issue did come under discussion during our telephonic conversation with Indian FS”, Aizaz Chaudhry said.

One Pakistani killed, three wounded during Indo-Pak border clash

“Our response was that Pakistan has accurate information that firing at working boundary was carried out from across the boundary”, Foreign secretary said.

Aizaz said foreign secretaries of both countries will proceed with the dialogue process when they will meet.

Meanwhile, talking about the issue of terrorists hiding in Afghanistan, Chaudhry said, Pakistan expects that Kabul will not allow its territory to be used against Pakistan.

Chaudhry while condemning Israeli offensive in Gaza said in a statement that Pakistan calls upon Israel to end blockade of Gaza and to halt its strikes against Palestinians.

“Pakistan on diplomatic front has mobilised world community on the matter,” he added.


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  1. LOL do you not see a pattern emerging.

    Push foreign funded armed terrorists out of our beautiful Waziristan.

    India shells Eastern border hoping Pakistan will move soldiers to Eastern and abandon or thin themselves on the Western front.

    Notice how Indian and Afghan Khwarij intelligence agency allegations come within days of each other.

    Afghan Army an incompetent army and administration also had the audacity to say Pakistani operation in Waziristan was ineffective.

    What they meant was we can’t believe you have uprooted our terror assets from within Waziristan so quickly.

    Afghan and India wish to give cover so the Khwarij can slip back into Pakistan.

    Pak Afwaj and brave Waziris this is a sign for you to be extra vigilantes for the armies of shayateen the Khwarij will attack soon at the Western border or deeper if they manage an infiltration.

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