Pakistan rejects allegations of involvement in Dhaka attack


ISLAMABAD: In response to the media queries regarding allegations of Pakistan’s involvement in the terrorist attack in Dhaka, the foreign office of Pakistan on Monday stressed that these are highly regrettable, irresponsible and provocative stories being carried in the Indian media.

“They are utterly baseless and unfounded. Pakistan strongly rejects such allegations,” said FO Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria.

In this context, he drew attention to the statement by the Adviser to the Prime Minster of Bangladesh, Prof. Gowher Rizvi, refuting the Indian media story attributed to him regarding Pakistan’s involvement as “utter nonsense” and a proof of the Indian media’s malicious intent. Mr Rizvi said he never issued any statement or spoke to any TV channel on this issue.

Prof. Rizvi contacted Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh to confirm that he has not issued any statement against Pakistan and that the Indian media reports are false. He also advised the Pakistan’s High Commissioner to convey this clarification to the Government of Pakistan, to avoid any misunderstanding between the two countries.

Pakistan deeply appreciates Prof. Gowher’s timely rebuttal to the Indian media’s reports. Pakistan has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Dhaka and expressed solidarity with the Government and the brotherly people of Bangladesh and offered condolences and sympathized with the families of the victims.

“Pakistan condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Being itself one of the biggest victims of terrorism, Pakistan welcomes Prof. Gowher Rizvi’s call for international cooperation to fight the menace of terrorism,” read the statement issued by FO.

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