Is ‘Pakistan’ the Real Enemy? 13 Years of War in Afghanistan – US Finding its ‘Heart and Mind’ Behind Defeat.


US Finding its 'Heart and Mind' Behind Defeat

“Let’s Roll” were Bush’s words back in 2001, when US Air Force jets were scrambled in order to push back a nation into stone age which was already years behind civilization.
CNN carried out marathon transmission airing info graphics of latest US missiles and bombs that were being dispatched to win ‘hearts and minds’ of Afghans by pulverizing the Taliban for their refusal to divorce Al Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden for their alleged crime of perpetrating the 9/11 tragedy on US homeland, which stunned analysts, theorists and students of peace and conflicts on the unfolding era of warfare where non state actors were directly challenging worlds only power in the most brazen manner human mind can think of. G W Bush in his famous post 9/11 attack address categorically mentioned the consequences of not being with US in its coalition against Al Qaeda and Taliban. The world was divided. US was confident, with the whole world on its side, a coalition of the world’s best weapons, militaries, strategists and financers with complete support of UNSC legitimizing the assault on a faceless enemy that according to the world lived in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan.

Pakistan was faced with the most difficult choice; in fact with no choice…
With an unstable political structure, decades old conflict with India with its massive military might ready to provide bases and logistics for the US, NATO and other coalition partners; Pakistan apparently submitted to the writing on the wall – The War on Terror.
In an anarchic world where states have to rely on self-help for their security and survival, Pakistan did not surrender its strategic interests and clearly kept distance in completely jumping into the mess in Afghanistan, which was an ill-planned attempt and a war that was more about the US fight for maintaining its world power image and hegemony against the emerging Chinese threat.
Years passed on, and the history of Afghanistan returned to the point of its return. It was the time when US convoys were being ripped apart by IEDs and its camps and outposts being raided by Taliban fighters; who faced an intruder more advanced in modern warfare than anyone anticipated.
On the other hand Pakistan continued to burn within, due to its decision to follow the world’s decision to invade the Afghans. The Red Mosque Incident triggered what was brimming in the masses as resentment against Musharraf’s Policy to allow the US to attack a Muslim country; since wars are all about confusion and secrecy, what happened on ground is declassified years later. The infighting, offshoot jihadists and sectarian warfare developed roots that were finding toxic water to grow from forces that once used to be their ultimate enemies but now the enemy was the state of Pakistan itself. Ideology and history got muddled. Pakistani people became the fuel of the fire that was seen burning down World Trade Center towers years ago and now it was Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar and every major part of Pakistan melting down. More than 50,000 Pakistanis have been bombed, slaughtered, bullet riddled and dumped in this brutal war. Despite these sacrifices and painful price it had to pay, Pakistan today, finds itself in a position where US is finding a scape goat for its failures and humiliation in Afghanistan after spending trillions in this war and losing thousands of its soldiers.
“Meanwhile, the real enemy remains at Large” Yes, these are the words of a journalist working for world’s top most publication New York Times. The article is adapted from an upcoming book ‘The wrong Enemy; America in Afghanistan,2001-2014’ written by Carlotta Gall, North African correspondent of NY Times who has served a decade covering War on terror in Afghanistan. The NY Times story ‘What Pakistan Knew about Bin Laden’ is a developing narrative about the legacy of this war; a series of allegations that the world is starting to recognize as a double game played by Pakistan, where Pakistan splits its agents in those who support US policy and those who support Pakistan’s secret ‘Jehad strategy’ which not only supported non-state actors but maintained a special one-man desk to look after the man who dragged the US in Afghanistan, draining its resources to the extent that it has to permanently cut down its troop numbers and remains tangled in the war it started a decade ago; Osama bin Laden.
The report published in the world’s most read daily is a story of a journalist that has been writing from Afghanistan since the beginning of the war and according to her ordeal was ‘hunting’ bin laden. The whole story right from the word go is intriguing due to the sweeping generalizations about the Pakistan Army and the sensational narration of facts is all but facts, unfortunately. The same day, the Daily Telegraph, another British paper read worldwide publishes a similar story about militant leaders in Pakistan being in contact with Bin laden along with Pakistan’s top military leadership being completely involved in drawing whatever condition the US is in Afghanistan.
These are not few random stories appearing in top media outlets in fact there is a pattern of Pakistan being labeled as the real enemy who has written a new chapter in world’s book of war by deceiving the world’s greatest power without even firing a single shot. Sun Tzu would surely be smiling on the continuation of his war tactics if US is to be believed. This imaging of Pakistan is similar to the established lies of WMD when damage was done in Iraq and millions lost lives before the world found out that the reality was nothing but US’s interests in Middle East.
At a time when Pakistan reached the milestone of a smooth transition to democracy without any military intervention, the new government has started showing signs of economic stability and chances of peace have appeared subliminally after years of survival in a war-like situation, Pakistan may have to embrace for a lethal propaganda which could be translated into yet another American attempt to cover its dastardly foreign policies of intervention and hegemony that hurts the American people just as well. Pakistan needs to continue to focus on its own national and regional interests and formulate policies on the basis of a multi polar world. The Post-American world may just be around the corner.



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  1. Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. The balanced approach is when you look through Jo-hari window. Its important how the world perceives Pakistan. Pak listened to Bush when he talked of consequences for not being on his side. A principled nation never faces such dilemma. Now, having sided with USA for financial aids and to be in good books of the world, Pakistan never went against Osama and Taliban. You may find it fun to ride two boats at the same time but soon you will be in trouble.

    • ASEEM, your type are never satisfied, always suspicious of others. The very reason why counties such as India, the USA & EU are being misled who need to awaken from their slumber and realise who the real enemy. Furthermore, stop being so selfish & become more altruistic and human in order to see the world become a better place to live in. If those those behind the scenes stop following satanic & dajjaali ways of life, the world will undoubtedly see a bright future.

      Pakistan zindabaad, Paendabaad.

      • K2, since I am an Indian I will always be accused of being anti pakistan but you should take note of the world opinion about Pakistan. If their opinion is not right then you should counter with facts and not rhetorics. If facts are in your favour, the world including myself will not hesitate to change our opinion about Pakistan.
        In fact there are more possibilities of cooperation between India and Pakistan but the politicians of the two nations always make it a point to keep the hostility going as it serves their political purposes.
        Imagine if there was cooperation among the south asian nations, we would be exchanging scientists and have joint researches in the areas of medicine, space and technology. having free trade, optimally utilizing our resources and work as an economic bloc. But if its not happenning then we need to look within and find out where we are getting stuck and how to get past those barriers and whether its worth hanging on to our egos.
        By the way, I appreciate your comments.

        • ASEEM, I don’t believe that the best of us does not have prejudices – and this includes you and me. Having said that, I am inclined to agree with you on one note: our politicians are immensely corrupt. This is something the ordinary people of both countries are too lazy to tackle and thus being misled. In order to bring about change in our mindset, we need to drive out the demons which continue to influence us within. However, great countries always face numerous dilemmas and harsh external opinions and criticisms, and a country such as Pakistan cannot avoid but sail in the sea of venom which can only be overcome by perseverance and tackling head on all issues and challenges that may arise, internally or externally. Perhaps more Indians can be thoughtful as you – I hope so.

  3. Enough witht he Indian mantra or Indian influenced mantra to defame Pakistan, it just does not cut it for those rational inteligent people seeking a real introspective view.

    Afghanistan is Pakistan and Pakistan is Afghanistan contrary tot he bs of Indian and Indian mythological unverified history.

    The “Afghan” Taliban even today do not belong on any terror list and represent native Pashtuns who are the very essence of Afghanistan. A little introspection here is the fact that this generation of Afghans grew up in Pakistan during the brutal Soviet war in whcih INdia supported the genocide of Afghans. A further introspection here is that Karachi today is the most populous Pashtun city in the World.

    An attack on Afghanistan or support for any attack is detrimental to Pakistan and tough choices were made.

    To say Pakistan has played a double game is the extent of Indian atittude towards Pakistan. Do whatever is possible to defame and belittle the sacrifices and contributions. With almost 80,000 dead because of an opportunist meddlesome neighbour to whom Aseem belongs to taking advantage of the situation to exploit for her own gains and incite and manufacture violence to engulf Pakistan internally and still cry foul on Pakistani contributions.

    Every single terrorist captured to date has been not because of CIA or Indians but through the intelligence provided by Pakistan.

    Pakistan has sacrificed infrastructure, economy and life not India.

    It is Pakistani sovereignty by welcoming our Afghan brethren refugees that now face unfriendly and alrgely foriegn fighters guised as Afghan refugees bidding another unfriendly “eastern” neighbours bidding.

    Where Pakistan has failed is assertiveness at the governemnt level. To protect one’s honour you need to assert your concerns loudly and publicly and as such Pakistan should link:

    1. Support with the right to defend itself by enaggeing in cross border attacks land and air on terrorist hideouts.

    2. Destroy munition trucks destined to proxies to destabilise Pakistan.

    3. Insistence that half a dozen Indian consulates be removed from the Afghan and Pakistani borders.

    4. ISAF protect and patrol the Afghan and Pakistan border on the Afghan side rather than abandon it.

    5. Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Balochistan, Karachi and Khyber/Pakthunkwa be highlighted and a strong stance be taken. (Ample proof has been provided).

    Sadly the Indian lobby’s occupy important positions supported by Zionist lobby’s in the states and other capitals of the world and the Pakistani voices of concern and empathy are silenced.

    Between 2004 and 2008 the stories out of India against Pakistan were echoed across USA media as if the wuthor were one. Sensationalism and trial by media used to defame and destry the image of Pakistan by Neocon and Indians. To the point that an Indian map caling for the dismemberment of Pakistan into Punjab, Sindhudesh, Pashtunistan with Azad Kashmir occupied by India was constantly shown months on end on Indian media and trickled it’s way into American media and lo and behold the Indian sleeper terror cells that infiltrated Pakistan under the guise of Afghan refugees surfaced as Tereek-e-Taliban.

    Quickly coined by the Indian media as Pakistani Taliban an association was made with the entitiy fighting occupation in Afghanistan with a group fighting the ideology of Pakistan inside Pakistan. Ironically the reason provided by the Tereek-e-Taliban to fight PAkistanw as for it’s support for America (yet we are told Pakistan plays a double game).

    Tereek-e-Taliban were heavily armed with sophisticated weapons including night vision and increasingly well co ordinated knowing every strategic target and how to gain entry to it which pointed to support from foreign states but more importantly co ordination from within Pakistan.
    An internal audit by Pakistani intelligence realsied 1000’s of American merceanries linked to Blackwater /Xe had been given immuity and access into Pakistan under a diplomatic means and it was clear who was surveying and scoping Pakistan hihg valued sites including Nuclear facilities and passing this highly sensitive intelligence and the means to infiltrate to a rag tag group made up of foreigners largely Uzbeks from Uzbekistna and Tajiks from Tajikistan undoutedly recruited by the Indian ally Northern Alliance. Indian currency and Indian themselves were caught fighting within SWAT and I have referred tot hem as uncircumcsed south asians under the control of one Fazlullah a hihgly influential and “rich” terrorist now living in Afghanistan and heads up the TTP. Pakistanis wer indiscrimnately being killed, bombed by Balckwater operatives and TTP and it was India that rejoiced daily on their screens.

    Pakistan’s villification would come from India and enter American pro Neocon media tabloid and televised. The Indian lobbysit affilaited to right wing extreme Zionist groups in America found voices in Bruce Reidel and Stephen Cohen.

    Every nation has assets and strategi / regional / local and inernal goals and Pakistan is no exception. The clash between Pakistan and the Neocon idea of mutual corporation came in the form of creating Pakistan as unequal and making it into a client state to do it’s bididng across the region and it saw Pakistan’s overwhelming weakness because Pakistan did not have and does not have political leaders with a backbone. India too was a key strategic ally to the Neocon idea and quitely rightly sold a ” subservient” Pakistan that later transpited into a call for a dismembered Pakistan to the Neocons because this played to her (India’s) long term strategic goals and entry to Central Asia and Asian dominance and undeniable a shared strategic goal of the Neocons and India’s whichw as to contain and “block” Chinese access to the Greater Middle East through West adn Central Asia.

    It is an undeniable fact that INdia has made leaps in her economy but ask yourself how could a nation defined as the third world a day before the tragic events of 911 suddenly become promoted as a mighty economic power at a time when Pakistan’s economy was far stronger than India’s. Everything boils down to geopolitics and simple economics and containing China ment warming up to India and building it as a global powerhouse by “lifting sanctions” lowering extortionate trade tariffs through WTO essentially providing Indian goods and more importantly Indian services to the global economic market on par with other Western nations. The economies of the East be it India, China and even Pakistan are strong and populations hihg, resources in abundance has the where withall to sustain and grow but unfortunately are limited by International tarrifs and standards set by the very nations who seek to monopolise the global economy. A simple example is Bangladeshi textile industry, it does evryw ell and I hope it continues to do well but undeniably it does so because Bangladesh has access to Western markets where as Pakistan where the worlds greatest textiles are designed and crafted has zero access and whenever it does request access ironically it is the Indian’s who are first to object.

    So the world changed after 911 which resulted in geopolitical and economic shifts and Idnia was seen favourably and India used this to her advantage to destroy the image of Pakistan and vindicate herself as a nation of terror shrugging off the stigma of 1984, treatment of muslims and on uppe caste Hindus, Gujerat / Orissa massacres, the state sponsorship terror against Pakistan in 1971 through the infiltration of 80,000 Hindu Bengolis trained by Russians and Indian intelligence, it shrugged off the world’s condemnation of it’s treatment of Kashmiris and used it to her advantage to play the victim.

    This began with the false flag operation of the seige on the Indian Parliament and the evidence was that the perpetrators were carrying Pakistani dientity cards and sim cards. The world was not listening to rationality and sensibility a global media campaign was already under way talking about clash of civilisationa nd demonistaion of Islam brandishing it as inherently violent. This played to India’s favour potraying it as a victim of extremist Islam and in one swoop legitimised her harsh stance (OCCUPATION) over Kashmir. An absolute kangaroo conviction over the Indian Parliament was supported by Indian lobby’s busy campaigning in Washington against Pakistan and had found the elquoence and articualation of this agenda in the likes of Bruce Reidel and Stephen Cohen and the world listened and rather respect Pakistan’s sacrifice to a war thrusted on it GWOT it began looking at Pakistan with suspicious eyes. The Mumbai bombing where Pakistan stood vindicated by every major “credible” intelligence agency continues to be linked to Pakistan peddled by the Indian Media and echoed by remnants of Neocon voices in America. An innocent Afzal Guru a Kashmiri swiftly sentenced to death for the seige on the Indian Parliament with no supporting evidence in a Kangaroo court and a non Pakistani even by virtue of ethnicity, culture and language an Ajmal Kasab who culd barely speak urdu and fluent marathi (Indian language not spoken in Pakistan or west of the Indus…ever) was brandished a Pakistani terrorist and sentenced to death and rightly so but linked to Pakistan. India made strides in it’s economy and was also a victim of Islamic extremism now notably directed at Pakistani extremism it was the golden boy and Pakistan the once staunch ally against Communism was villified at every opportunity even as Pakistani men, women and children were being sacrificed for another’s war, Pakistani GDP fell from 8% to 5% because of another’s war, Pakistani infrastructue suffered and the stigma of AID was showing Pakistan as a client state incapable of economy and standing on it’s own feel. The irony here is American AID was not AID but payment in due for supporting her war and use of Pakistani road and infrastructure paid through NGO’s to maintain Pakistani government officials remain on an American payroll and was never AID to support those who have lost limb or a loved one in a war that was neevr their’s. It never went to those businesses who had suffered because of this war and went into the pockets of corrupt officials. Thisw as not AID but bribery and representing on 3% of Pakistani GDP – Pakistan could do without it.

    The Indians enjoyed the fruits of American favouritism supported by ZIonist lobby’s and unlike Pakistan’s economy whcih has done well decade after decade had for the first time grown at it’s highest at 9%.

    The riht wing Hindu groups linked to Pro Zionist groups played an important part in promoting an Indian Hindu agenda and creating a hystreria around Pakistan leading to it’s ongoing villification.

    Hindu right wing groups affilaited to terror groups inside India seeking to convert all non Hindus by force if necessary and linked to many a massacre with America Zionist lobby’s suddenly became powerful lobby’s in America:

    As far back as in 1994 a well known Hindu right wing extremist Shekhar Tiwari became a congressional relations point-man for FISI (Friends of India Society International).

    This amn is on record for his staement that the “The Jewish lobby has a great understanding of the political process in the U.S. ” and alluded to an aliance and to follow suit. At the time Washington was in no mood to entertaining right wing extremist Hindu agendas and certainly not against their long standing ally Pakistan.

    This all changed in 2001 when AIPAC (America-Israel Political Action Committee) and the AJC (American Jewish Committee), played pivotal role by incubating a fragile infant USINPAC (United States India Political Action Committee) in the immediate aftermath of the trsgic events of 911. A point to note overtly USINPAC differs from FISI in terms of specific institutional ties with Hindutva ( A right wing Hindu extremist / terrorst group in India )they do share a common passion for Israel’s perceived military, and political power, and a desire to utilize the Israeli lobby’s experience and power, real and perceived, to further the ends of India’s ruling classes in alliance with the neoliberal Indian American big bourgeoisie. These ends include gaining the favors of U.S. imperial power, while welcoming predatory capitalism, and its institutional tentacles in India.

    As the alliance grew so did the influence of FISI and USINPAC inside Washington and now had access to channels of influece be it political or media to promote their agenda. Both FISI and USINPAC share a vision of a militaristic India, antagonistic to Pakistan, and to different degrees, i.e. between outright hatred and blatant indifference, share contempt towards the rights of Indian Muslims. USINPAC made no statement about the Gujarat genocide in 2002. Both are tied to a vision of India as a partner in the neoliberal imperialist project, alongside Israel and the U.S.

    The Hindu exremist like Arvind Gosh in America saw a Hindu India aligned to an extremsit Zionist influence in America to further to cause of right wing Hindu agenda and a central message has always been subjugation of Indian Muslims and a destabilised or dismembered Pakistan. Arvind Gosh is on record for saying Zionist that for Hindus in India to champion over Indian Muslims and Islam the Zionist must share their technical know how with groups that he is affiliated with and alluded to working together.

    911 was the catalyst that gave such Hindu groups access to powerful corridors in Washington and media to promote Indian right wing interests and an anti Pakistan policiy intrinscally linked to a powerful India one that could be used to contain China.

    Pakistan plays no double game and suffers from belierance and terrorism from 2 borders and at one stage through another foreign proxy Jundullah on the Iranian border also.
    Pakistan’s image has been destroyed and will take time to repair and is intrinsically linked to the image of Islam which will again take time as the world is plagued with Islamaphobia peddled by anti Islam groups. India has sued the last decade completely to her advantage and has benefitted from what I term planned positive marketing using her links with very powerful Zionist groups and their swaya nd influence over media, American politics and global trade organsiations.

    Pakistan has done nothing wrong and remains a victim and testimony to the cohesive and united front of her people Sindhis, Balochis, Pashtuns, Punjabis and Azad Kashmiris remains in tact even though it has endured manya wound and stands limping and this makes me proud. Had Pakistani military been anything else thanw hat it is, had Pakistani intelligence been anything else than what it is today and the courageous Pakistani people been anyojne but who they are today then Pakistan surely would have been dismemebered a second time in it’s history. Previously incited by armed Hindu Begolis this time it would have been through non pakistani Afghans and Tajiks /Uzbeks pertaining to be Afghan to rally and confuse Paksitanis across key regions. Pakistanis play no double game just play poor politics and this is my gripe with ordinary Pakistanis – PLEASE leave feudal politics and change your mindset and elect better patriotic leaders for the sake of your children and their children.

    Above recognise the threat from your eastern border and enevr shy away from defending your right, honour and sivereignty from it. Never compromise fortress PAkistan to this beligerent neighbour, stand ready to provide a hand of reindship but on a level playing field not riddled with deciet and treachery otherwise simply for the safety of Pakistan turn your back from this nation and be 2 steps ahead of her designs.

    • So many twisted facts and half truths I don’t know where to begin…let me just say that Pakistan has a terrible reputation because of what Pakistanis have done and not because of outsiders have said…you conveiniently leave out hiding Osama for all those years?…and the religious fanatics who support the Taliban against the democratic government?…Pakistans reputation was earned by its double dealing with the enemies of terrorism….those who justify what the TTP and Taliban terrorists are doing in the name of Islam…these mullahs and their radical supporters are the real enemy of people in the entire region…

      • ED-DIED, You still around kid? Is this your way of getting kicks by constantly spitting venom at Pakistan? You must be a real Pakistan hater, or maybe you are just mentally challenged, or perhaps someone who has an inferiority complex? Get a life kid and learn some adab-adaab!

        • As long as there are fanatics out there who are living in a dream land of expecting the Muslim world to rise up and become a big khalifate that rules the world I will continue to speak out against these radical terrorists who bring death and destruction to Pakistan…today we have radical Muslims killing others Muslims in a Muslim country?…and uneducated fools trying to justify this carnage by blaming it on the west through elaborate conspiracy theories?…wake up and smell the coffee!…extremist are ruining the reputation of peaceful Muslims in the world and doing nothing but causing death and terror to the people of Pakistan while hiding behind religion…it is time for intelligent Muslims to take back their religion from these radicals and bring peace to the region…

    • Western borders are more dangerous than eastern borders for Pakistan and threats are not from outside but from within. When it suits you call for Islamic brotherhood or else you talk of bengali, pashtun, tajik, ujbek, baluch, mohajir etc. When you have to call for unity and support from islamic world you remember about Islam and shariah, when you have to evoke anti india feelings you invoke jihad… by this you are not fooling anyone else but yourself and then wonder whats happenning and eventually find solace in schizophrenic words like world is jealous of your nukes, its a conspiracy against Islam etc. etc.
      You want Taliban to rule Afghanistan but not Pakistan, you want terrorist to attack only india and not Pakistan. You want sharia laws implemented in afghanistan but not in pakistan. you want right of self determination for Kashmiris but not for Balochis. you join world forces against war on terror but clandestinely hide Osama Bin Laden…
      And the list goes on.

      • All for Sharia Law but under a true Islamic Global State.

        Pakistani Taliban are not religous ideologues and nor are they Afghan Taliban but paid mercenaries who are branded the title Taliban coined first by our Indian neghbour who harbours, arms and funds the outfits collectively known as TTP inside Afghanistan.

        • All for shariah law…. then why fight TTP? they too want the same. problem solved.

          and all the while I thought RAW was one useless agency.

          • Nizam-e-Adl is not Islamic but tribal and prehistoric, true Sharia, is practical and encompassing all from education of all men and women to matters of Divorce and respect for all.

            TTP are not Ideaologues but on the pay of foreign states and are no different to the Hindu terrorists in India and have no place in the modern world not one ayota.

      • Hold on. When and how did Pakistan ever terrorize India? This is absurd, or perhaps you’d been hallucinated by your officials. Besides why would Pakistani government hide Osama? Remember Pakistan has been paying with its blood for that War on terror, and no doubt Pakistan has sacrificed the most in this long run. This is queer what you’re talking about.

  4. But Pakistan supported Nizam-e-Adl of Mulla Omar in Afghanistan and still hopes that Taliban will return power there someday.
    Sharia needs to be modified and modernised by the Ummah worldwide to suit the needs of progressive muslims and to gain acceptance among them.
    The so called hindu terrorists in India are languishing in jail without bail. Hopefully Pakistan too brings terrorists on its soil to justice.

    • ASEEM, what concern is it of any Indian, or otherwise, what Pakistan does or supports? You ought to take a good look at the internal failings of India. It is despicable to note that it is failing to uphold the rights of people within its ‘supposed borders!’ The extremist Indian regime cladded in the so-called democratic values, is unholy excessiveness in suppressing the subjugated people even further denying all ‘human rights,’ from the West – Kashmir, to the east – Assam. Don’t bombard others, but be wise and eradicate the disease within!

      Pakistan Zindabaad, Paendabaad

      • India is a multi ethnic, multi religious, multi lingual and multi cultural nation and our democracy allows differences of opinions. We dont bombard our own land and people using airforce. The world supports India’s stand on Kashmir.
        India is a developing country which was under extreme poverty a few years ago but its fast growing overcoming all the hurdles.
        India is Polio free and by 2020 it will have 100% literacy and 0% people below poverty line going by the present rate of growth and human development.

  5. Sharia is absolutely coherrent with the mdoern world and the Islamic State (non in existence today) created some of the worlds most progressive,modern cities and empires and excelled in every facet of human development even in the height of Euroepan Imperialism aatcking from all sides and colonising our lands.

    Don’t worry your little head over how Islam needs to be defined through Sharia.

    Modern Europe or the current dominant civilisation has been built on the values and acheivements in economics, scoial and politics of it’s predecessor sadly overlooked by history.

    • Bangladeshi girls sold as prostitutes to India.
      Indian intelligence involved in supporting Awami League strangulation of a 90% Muslim population.
      Kangaroo courts…

      Hanged by your Kangaroo courts overseen by Indian intelligence.

      Where is the supposed brave bangladeshis riisng up to a corrupt awami League?? where are the brave in Bangladesh.

      Fact the traitors among you were supported, armed and funded by India and beguiloed by 80,000 Hindu Bengoli terrorists that infiltrated Bangladesh from Hindu Bengoli regions between 1968 and 1971 incited and destabilised is not registering on your heads even today, even after a kangaroo court sentencing of a great Muslim and still not even registered after Awami League brutal mockery of the elections.

      I must say I have little sympathy for fools like you if you are Bangladeshi that is, who no doubt is a foolish Indian guised as Bangladeshi.

      I am a Kashmiri and I love Pakistani Afwaj, I love Pakistan and I love my Pashtun, Punjabi, Sindhia nd Balochi brothers as we are the Indus family.

      • Both human trade and prostitution is banned in India and if anyone is doing so, he is doing it against the law.

        Bangladesh is a sovereign nation and Bangladeshis know their national interest best. They are buying weapons, submarine etc. from China and expanding their army and India has not said a word about it whereas 90% of the country is surrounded by India. So its a wrong propaganda to say that what their govt. is doing, is doing so at the behest of India.

        Before you make a mockery of Bengalis or Bangladesh (main reason for their revolt against Pakistan) please have a look at some facts:

        Bangladesh is no longer perceived as an over populated nation infested with acute poverty, natural calamities and bloodied coups. Today bangladesh is known for being pioneer in micro finance, nobel prize, highest economic growth rate in South Asia and one of the fastest economic and export growth in the world, foreign exchange reserves twice that of Pakistan, stronger currency taka (stronger than pakistani rupee), organizer of world class sporting events (successfully organised Asia Cup and T-20 world cup back 2 back.

        In view of the above does your comments hold any value?

        • I can give the answer. Pakistan was perfect before it became invaded by terrorists, TTP and drones: result of that great folly “War on Terror” which brought no good to Pakistan nor to the World. Perhaps it was destiny, perhaps it was a big game to inhibit Pakistan’s success, perhaps it was jealousy. Whatever you name it, but it was there to bring Pakistan down. You’re talking about Bangladesh because they’re blinded people and support you, and so were not threatened by any such problems. Therefore they were given the chance. Muslims against Muslims, none for good.
          Peace. We’ve got nothing to do with Bangladesh so please better skip exhibitting their achievements.

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